“We hope to like it as much as the original saga”


There’s a new generation ‘High School Musical’ with ‘HSM: The music: The series’, the fiction that the public will return to East High School, the institute with which the audience dreamed of becoming Troy or Gabriella. Although now there will be new faces and the story is very different. “We come to represent the teenagers of the 2020, it is important to serve as an inspiration to the youth of today,” declares Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Nini, the new protagonist. “We hope to like it as much as the original films,” he adds.

‘High School Musical: The musical: The series’ is not a reboot or remake of the original films of Disney Channel, but rather a point and besides that has as its background the original saga, to be set in the same institute and produce a work of theatre of winter inspired on the tapes played by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

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“The saga of ‘High School Musical’ is very iconic. To revitalize it in the 2020 had to follow the current trends, that was very important to us. Also, in addition to offering frames new, it was essential to introduce current codes that can turn this series into a phenomenon as important as it was the original franchise”, explains the actress in a round table at which he was present CulturaOcio.

“I like to explore life from the focus of Ricky. He is not interested in the music initially, but yeah I like the music and the sport. It is a different perspective to the one that took Troy in the first movie of ‘High School Musical’, more related to the current present,” adds Joshua Bassett, who plays Ricky in the fiction, the other main character, who in the series was a couple of Nini.


Both artists hope that ‘HSM: The music: The series’ to encourage the passion for music, dance and writing in adolescents. “I think it may help people to muster the courage to sing, to compose, to dance and to share it with the rest of the world,” says excited Rodrigo. “This series shows that anyone who wants to create art you must try, do not be afraid to throw to the adventure,” adds Bassett.

In addition to singing and acting in the series, Bassett and Rodrigo have also composed several songs for the fiction. “Josh is a composer, very creative, and very talented, we have created themes incredible, the experience has been truly inspiring,” explains the actress. “It is amazing to see published your own compositions,” adds the actor.

“We hope that the series hook as the original saga. Now that we are preparing the musical ‘beauty and The beast’ for the second seasonI’m sure that fans will not be disappointed,” says the interpreter. ‘High School Musical: The musical: The series’ is now available on Disney+

By Europa Press