What a tenderness! Justin Bieber stole the hearts of his fans with this photo


The famous american singer, Justin Bieberin the last few days has been very active in their social networks. Like many other celebrities; the interpreter of “Baby” found in the various platforms as a bridge to remain close to their millions of fans. After canceling all his concerts for the year 2020, due to the health crisis that sparked the Covid-19celebrity has not ceased to give faith of life to his followers.

Through its official account of Instagram, posted a photo to his more than 134 million followers, which no doubt you melted the heart more of a fanatic. In the snapshot it appears a Bieber quite young, and he called it “the sweet Justin”. This image of childhood, its part of a challenge met of the celebrity, these challenges have been famous in the time of confinement required.

Too tender to be true

Despite this fashion, it turned out not to be a simple challenge. The background of this publication, lies in that all the celebrities participating will be able to help with those most affected by the coronavirus. According to the information that transcended the brand sponsoring “Go Puff” will make donations to those in need, as is a delivery service for convenience digital that operates in more than 150 locations in the united States.

The photo that published Justin Bieber, reached more than 1.5 million “likes”, without doubt their fans are enternecieron with the beautiful and young face of the celebrity. To the rest of the comments full of love of his followers there was no shortage of friends who came to jeer, as is the case with author and film producer canadian, Pattie Gavel, who offered apologies for the laughter, but that it was “extremely adorable”.

Justin Bieber was published for a good cause

Go Puff posted on his official account that “For every photo posted we’ll donate $ 5, up to $ 1 million, to support Boys & Girls Clubs!”this is a national organization of local chapters which provide after-school programs for young people. The truth is, Justin Bieber has been one of the celebrities who have said “present” in this crisis and has contributed their bit in many ways.