What is “la tusa”, the word of the new hit single by Karol G, and Nicki Minaj? | Music


Just one week ago that the subject came up Tusathe highly anticipated collaboration between Karol G and Nicki Minaj (which, apparently, is not finally removed from the music). The result? Millions of reproductions and that we can not get rid of the head of the chorus. It is one hundred percent addictive!

But, what is a “husk” which you refer to these two queens in the words of the song? Okay, maybe many of you already know what that means, even utilizaréis the word in your day-to-day, but if in doubt-we will explain!

“You no longer have an excuse. Today went out with his friend, says that pa’ kill the tusa”, says Karol at the beginning of the song. Well, we’ve pulled from the internet (because in the SAR, none of the exceptions we were worth for the meaning that we seek), and we have found what you want to say the diva reggaetonera when he says this word!

It is an expression of colombian to designate “disgust and sadness at the termination of a loving relationship”. In fact, the very song of Tusa is a clear example of the meaning of the word. Even so, if you stay with doubts, you put some phrases with examples for use “tusa”:

Taylor Swift returned to write a song about your ex to try to finish off the cob.

Although end of break, he has nothing of tusa and it makes life normal.

Liam Hemsworth has a tusa great since he broke his relationship with Miley Cyrus.

Although tusa has eleven definitions in the SAR, none of them is referred to Nicki Minaj and Karol G on this topic. The colombian artist has drawn expressions of their land and has created this hit. And we couldn’t be more happy to have added a new expression to our vocabulary! In fact, insurance that many people use the subject to cast aside the husk and have a good time.

Karol G explains the meaning of the word

If in doubt about the meaning of the word, the own Karol G has wanted to explain the meaning to Genius, the portal of the lyrics of songs more important at the time. The colobiana has been recognized that, when he wrote the song, I thought “tusa” was a term that was used only in Colombia: “each country has had a different connotation because it turns out that France is like a sexual position or something like that. They were, to vetando the song in some antennas and locations.”.

For the avoidance of doubt, Karol has confessed to the meaning with which he wrote: “Tusa, for us colombians, it is a depression which is loving, a disappointment. In addition, the artist has made an example: “If someone did something bad, a person that I liked, I have a tusa”.

In addition, the artist confesses that the first time he heard the song he didn’t like anything, but with the time the returned. In fact, his own producer told him that the song had been recorded up to three artists, but none came out well. With the time, Karol G took up and…now is the hit that we know of!

Tusa breaks records

The song Tusa it has become a phenomenon. In fact, it has become the first collaborative women’s history to debut as number 1 of the list of Latin Billboard. The own Karol shared the news on his account of Instagram: “So I woke up today, as pa’ to die. The first collaboration female debut number 1 in the history. Thank you Nicki Minaj for being a part of this, queen! Thank you team”.

In fact, just on Youtube, the song adds more than 670 million views in just a few months. It’s an outrage! What is to become one of the most played songs of the season?

New version at the piano

With the success of the song, we are not surprised that Karol G has been encouraged to make a gift to their fans by recording a new version of the piano. Yes, he has done so for posting on social networks.

The colombian has met with their friends, Ovy on the Drums and Keityn, to record a version of success. It comes from the producers of the theme. We, who are behind the hit. Yes, miss Nicki Minaj.

The protagonists of the Elite and of ‘all the boys that I fell in love with’ fall prostrate to the Tusa

The success of Karol G and Nicki Minaj has been such that even the stars of the moment know about the subject. And if you don’t know, we are already us to do so! The past month of January we were with Noah Centineo and Wool Condor, the protagonists of To all the guys that I fell in love with and asked them what could mean the word “Tusa”. Without understanding Spanish, and to be guided only by the sound, Noah said that it could be a state, and Lana thought that it was something related with the twerking. You can see the momentazo here.

But these teen idols were not the only ones with which we speak of the effect Tusa. Not much less! We also asked the boys and girls of the a series more views of the time: Elite.

Esther Expósito, Miguel Bernardeau, Danna Paola… the stars of the series from Netflix talked with us about what is the effect Tusa and how it affects them. The answers are most varied. In fact, some of them began to sing to the chorus.

Number 1 of LOS40

The Saturday, march 14, Karol G, and Nicki Minaj managed to reach the list of LOS40. They did it in just a month, rising quickly to the number 1. In this way, Tusa became the song most important of the country.

Without a doubt, the topic of the colombian and the u.s. has become a phenomenon of the masses and not to add listeners. Because “if you put in the song…”.