What?! Jennifer Lopez remembers romantic moment next to a famous actor


Apparently Jennifer Lopez has been very nostalgic during these weeks, by what we have seen share in your account Instagram some of their best scenes of the movie, and now he touched turn to actor Matthew McConaughey.

Remember that Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey they worked together in the movie “The Wedding Planner”, where the singer played a successful wedding planner who by mistake ended up falling in love with the groom who will be planning to your link.

We can not deny that the singer had an excellent chemistry with the actor, because we all feel the attraction that existed between them and the sadness to learn that it was an impossible love.

the wedding planner

Jennifer Lopez remembers romantic moment next to a famous actor

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey

Although this movie has more than 19 years has been made, belongs to one of the most successful work of Jennifer Lopez in the film world, so remember this small scene has managed to surprise its more than 119 million followers on Instagram.

“You are enough” was what he wrote the singer in his publication, making reference to the dialogue that keeps your character next to Matthew McConaughey, in one of the most melancholy of this film.

I love film!

There is No doubt that Jennifer Lopez has managed to touch the heartstrings of his followers with this scene and there is no better proof that the different reactions and comments about this music video that has surpassed 2 million views and more than 300 thousand likes.

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Although this publication of the singer achieved more than 6,000 comments, the called more the attention was the the own Matthew McConaughey, who wrote “You are more than enough”. A comment that caused a great stir among the followers of both artists.

Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey

Jennifer Lopez remembers romantic moment next to Matthew McConaughey