What was the cast of ‘Victorius’? So things have changed for Ariana and Victoria


The popular comedy series from Nickelodeon created by Dan Schneider it was broadcast for the first time on march 27, 2010, after the Kids’ Choice Awardsin Latin America , it was released on October 13 of the same year.

The program was marked by Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gillies, Matt Bennett, Ariana Grande, Avan Jogia and Daniella Monet, of which few have been able to continue to on projects in film or television.

Avan Jogia

This actor, singer, activist and canadian director best known for his role of Beck Oliver, managed to have some shares in some series and movies that had no big impact so they tried to broaden their horizons by becoming a writer and entering the world of modeling.

When he turned 27 years he was in the fashion week and participated in the catwalk wearing for Dolce and Gabbana in 2017, just two years after released his book Mixed Feelings.

Elizabeth Gillies

Also known as Liz Gillies, is an american actress, singer, dancer and songwriter american known for playing the role of Jade West on Victorius, he made his debut at the age of 15 in the musical 13 playing the role of Lucy.

Currently involved in the series Dynasty, played the role of Fallon Carrington. In Victorius Jade and Cat played by Ariana Grande, were friends, which in real life happens.

Matt Bennett

This actor, writer, and american singer known for playing Robbie Shapiro in the series of Nickelodeon, and since the end of the program has had some cameos in the most popular programs. We are currently taking time off from acting to devote himself full-time to his music.

Daniella Monet

Best known for her role as the sister of Tori Vega, Trinashe had some holdings in the series and original movies at Nickelodeon, and in December of the 2017 committed with her boyfriend, Andrew Gardner, and in September of 2019 her first son was born.

Currently, he is an entrepreneur and influencer in Los Angeles, is also a recognized youtuber, he works hard on his channel where he talks about his passions are healthy living, exercise, and your family.

During the series it was said that there was a great rivalry between Ariana Grande and Justice, this last rumour was always trying to prevent the singer excelled and opacara, that’s why here we say how to changed their careers after that ended the series.

Ariana Grande

Without a doubt Ariana managed to catapult her career after they ended the series, where she played the Cat Valentinehis musical career began in 2011 with the soundtrack of Victorius, since then, Large was able to position four albums in the top of the Billboard.

Victoria Justice

She played Tori Vera in Victorius and from that was canceled the series has not gotten recognition or important papers after that you will finish the series, she is one of the few people in the cast of the series of Nickelodeon that were not required to appear in the video of Ariana Grande, thank u, next,because not ended on good terms.

Even, Justice accused the singer that he was guilty of stealing the spotlight and that’s not allowed your career to take off due to the millions of fans of Ariana, in 2013 he tried his luck in the music but neither worked.

Kids Choice Awards 2020 from home

Due to the pandemic coronavirus we have cancelled a large number of important events, such as concerts, recordings, and premieres of movies, that is why Nickelodeon decided not to cancel the Kids Choice Awards 2020, which conveyed with guests and rewarded from his home, with the driving of Victoria Justice, which could mean his return to the focus public.

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