Who is Chris Gardner, the millionaire who inspired the tape of Will Smith In the pursuit of happiness | Film and series


The life of the philanthropist billionaire Chris Gardner has been a source of inspiration for many people, who see in him an example of personal improvement and untiring struggle to achieve their dreams.

Currently, Gardner is one of the speakers most in-demand in the United States. However, she had to endure a life full of difficulties, that Will Smith played in the movie of 2006 ‘In search of happiness’. Know his history in the following note.

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Comparison between the character of Will Smith and Chris Gardner. Photo: Diffusion.

Who is Chris Gardner?

On February 9, 1954, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was born Chris Gardner. From a young age, he went through a difficult life, full of family violence after the abandonment of his father. However, his mother made his life to teach him to believe in himself: “Son, if you think you can do it, make it,” he said.

After falling in bankruptcy in the 80 years, Gardner went through hard stages and slept in streets, parks, and public bathrooms, next to his small son, Chris Jr. However, a later had the opportunity to ask the owner of a luxurious Ferrari: “What do you Do and how you do it?”.

That man was Bob Bridges, a successful stockbroker, who introduced him to the world of finance. From that moment on, Chris understood what direction to give to his life, and fought to found his signature bag of values, called Gardner Rich & Co. At the age of 34, he won his first million dollars.

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The life of Chris Gardner goes to the movies

In the year 2006, Hollywood was interested in the autobiography of Chris Gardner, ‘The pursuit of happiness’, and took it to the big screen. The tape raised more than $ 300 million and the interpretation of Will Smith earned him a nomination as Best Actor in the 79. The Oscar awards ceremony.

Today, also philanthropist makes investments in South Africa, to create new jobs and activate the economy of the nation. Among other projects, cooperates with charitable organizations, such as the Face Program and the United Methodist Church of San Francisco, which helped him when he most needed it.