Whoopi Goldberg knows the drama of Alfonso Merlos and he explained in the american television


Does not need to be a follower or a follower of ‘Save me’ or that is ‘State of alarm’ in order to know the drama more sounded the quarantine, Alfonso Merlos and his fake live with the cameo surprise from his lover. It is all so ridiculous that the ‘Case Merlos’, or the ‘Merlos Place’ in social networks, has jumped to the other side of the pond and up to Whoopi Goldberg, the legendary actress of ‘Sister Act (sister care)’, ‘Ghost’ or ‘The color purple’, has an opinion. During the program ‘The View’ on ABC where Goldberg works as a tv presenter, the actress was commenting to the american audience some caught of different journalists during the live broadcast from his house, as the of Will Reeve, son of Christopher Reeve, which was discovered very well-dressed from the waist up but no pants. After kept talking about Merlos and it seems that this oversight, she sounds quite a bit more to the conspiracy: “What has led you to a new level when a half-naked woman appears in the background of your broadcast. […] I think who wanted him caught, why would you be on your floor while it was emitting? I think there is a roll psychological here that perhaps we will never understand but his plan was to break up with his girlfriend and be with the new”.

But it has not been the only one in the echo of the case by those lares, the famous triangulo amoroso has been in the news on the website of the ‘New York Post’, ‘TMZ’ or the tv channel ‘Fox News’.

In his work as a presenter, Goldberg has already starred in some other dispute with your incisive opinions. When Bella Thorne was decided to publish herself the nude photos that a hacker was trying to make blackmail, the veteran actress called her irresponsible, alleging that “if you’re famous, no matter what age you are, don’t you take nude photos”judging the victim and not the blackmailer. This is not to sat anything good to Thorne, who decided not to attend the programme where he was cited before the disgust and the frustration caused by these words: “I just want to say that watching the program made me feel very bad about myself so I hope you feel fucking happy. I can only think of the kiddies that have been leaked photos and have ended up committing suicide. You are crazy for thinking that kind of things. I don’t want to go over to ‘The View’ because I don’t want to critique my body and my sexuality a group of old ladies”, he said between tears in their stories of Instagram.

Whoopi Goldberg

‘Sister Act 3’

In addition to the sentencing, Whoopi Goldberg takes advantage of their collaboration in the program to try to occur once a ‘Sister Act 3’, but does not seem to be making great strides. In this already classic of the 90 Goldberg gives life to Deloris, a cabaret singer who, after witnessing a murder, pretends to be a nun in a convent. Although it seems that a follow resists at the big or small screen, where it does have a lot of success the history of the convent musical is in the theater, and this same summer Goldberg was going to return to this role on the stages of London, although the coronavirus is probably not permitted.