Why has so much success Pete Davidson among women?


The news, if it can be defined as such, caused astonishment in the networks. ‘Pete Davidson is chased out of the apartment Kaia Gerber’, he prayed the holder. Suddenly, dozens of tweeters showed his astonishment and his more choleric rejection to the possibility that the supermodel of 17 years was the recent conquest of the controversial comedian of 25. Although a source says that between both there is only a friendship emerged last June in the backstage the parade Alexander Wang on the fashion week of New York, comments like “Mother of God”, “No, Kaia, he did not” or “why do all women want to be with him?” crowded the agora tweeter. They have reason for alarm. In the last year, the actor known for his participation in the legendary program humorous Saturday Night Live it has become the undisputed casanova of the universe celebrity. Music stars, actresses and models –who have transcended to the public– have been part of your list loving, succumbing to a physical attraction and some skills of seduction the less heterodox. What has Pete to set himself up as the great heartthrob of our time?

In addition to his obvious sense of humor and its fame as the bad boy of Hollywood millennial with his body full of tattoos and his hair color, a source close to the actor confirmed in Page Six the main charm that is adorned with Davidson when it comes to seduction: “Don’t imagine, but behavior is impeccable and is very polite. Honestly, I think that that is a part of the reason why it appeals to both women”. If the urban legend had by thousands the romance of Warren Beatty, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson or Julio Iglesias, according to the history-loving twenty-year-old Pete Davidson appears ready to submit your application to so-exclusive club. But what is surprising in your case is not so much the quantity as the quality, that is to say, the popularity of his last romances.

Work in Saturday Night Live and, above all, to go to the very famous festivals that occur every Saturday after the program (whose dynamics gave rise even to a series, Studio 60), they also help to preserve monogamy. The format has become a kind of ersatz First Dates and stars like Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Ben Affleck, to name the most recent, have found a partner among the members of your team, technical or artistic. The adrenaline unleashed after a live broadcast in front of millions of viewers seems to do the rest.

It was the debut of Pete Davidson SNL when he for the first time with Ariana Grande, invited to a musical in that episode. It was September 2014 and in its 20 years, the new yorker became one of the youngest members in the history of the format after being signed by the comedian Bill Hader (Emmy-award winning by Barry). Jump up to the spring of 2018 in order to situate the beginning of the media relationship between Davidson and the pop star. Both had just broke up with their respective partners (the screenwriter, and actress Cazzie David and the late rapper Mac Miller), and their romance became the most followed and controversial of recent times. To the rhythm of the controversy daily, it is not difficult to find on the Internet the timeline a relationship controlled until the exhaustion and nurtured by the special love of the couple showing their love on social networks. Six months, a song of the same name, several tattoos theme and a marriage commitment after, the best inheritance of their relationship were 3 minutes and 27 seconds Thank U, Next,the success with which Large dispatched to the romance.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande pose in the MTV Video Music Awards, 2018. Photo: GETTY

“I don’t want to be on the Earth. I’m doing what I can to be here, but I don’t know how much more I will be able to endure. All they ever tried was to help people. Remember that I told you”. With this message posted on his account Instagram the night of Saturday, December 15, Davidson, alerting its followers, fellow actors, the own Ariana Grande and the very New York city police –who came to the NBC studios to avoid a possible suicide attempt– about his mental health. Davidson had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and the “harassment” received by the fans of the singer after their separation affected him in a very special way.

Nothing has been easy in the life of a comedian. When he was 7 years old, his father, a firefighter in New York, died during the rescue efforts at the Twin Towers after the terrorist attacks of September 11. Since then he has entered regularly in mental health facilities, has battled drug addiction and claims that it is the comedy which has saved to it life. The comedy, and his mother, Amy, with whom he maintains a relationship so close that even live with her. “This is a child of mom, she is your cornerstone and accompanies him to the recordings of the program. Everyone who works here loves it. Even if he does not attend any party after the episode, she’s going”, he added a member of the team SNLthat has been especially protective of “a youth so sweet that you can’t do anything other than love you”.

The humorist with his mother, Amy Waters, on the set of SNL. Photo: NBC Instagram

After the media separation of the singer, Davidson surprised everyone by popping along to the british actress Kate Beckinsale (Underworld)twenty years older than him. The couple had no problems when it comes time to demonstrate his recent passion in the stands of a hockey game, turning their kisses in the meme most repeated last spring. They met in January of 2019, in a party held after the ceremony of the Golden Globes and the ratio reached up to the month of April. Their age difference was much discussed by the public opinion and even the comedian decided to refer to this in its programme. “It seems that people have a great fascination for it, but it really doesn’t bother us. But of course, I am new at this. So if you have questions about relationships with big gaps of age may ask Leonardo DiCaprio, Jason Statham, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere…”. According to rumors published, the trigger for which the actress chose to break up was the excessive media attention that surrounded the day-to-day of the couple popularly known as Beckinson.

Just two months lasted the next episode loving with Margaret Qualleyperformer-known for her work in films such as Once upon a time in… Hollywood and the series The Leftovers. The monologuista he accompanied his partner to the Venice film festival for the presentation of the film Seberg and to the mother of the young man, the legendary artist Andie MacDowell, dared to describe as “beautiful” their relationship. Waiting for the official confirmation of his new flirtation with the model Kaia Gerberanother illustrious daughter (Cindy Crawford), Davidson can boast of living a professional moment at least as successful and varied as the staff.

2019 has been the great year of confirmation as a Hollywood star’s interpreter, with up to five other movie projects premiered beyond their participation in Saturday Night Live. In 2020 the trend will be extended, with a role in the sequel of the blockbuster superhero movie Escuadron Suicida and a leading role in one of the most anxiously awaited films of next year. The Staten Islanddirected by Judd Apatow (Virgin 40), take to the movies, orna version semibiográfica of the history of Davidson and the relationship with her heroic fatherwith he actor giving life to himself. If you bet on also include scenes of his busy life sentimental, we can bet that the duration of the film will be very extensive.