A demand loss and the blow to the fight for the equality of women’s football, USA


The 8 of march of last year, Woman’s Day, the women’s national team of football of the united States, current world champion, claimed his Federation after months of conflict over equal pay with her male co-workers and working conditions. It was not the first time that the Federation was facing a similar case, or much less, already in 2016, five players filed a discrimination complaint which came to nothing, but now there were the 28 players on the full cambinado national, including Megan Rapinoe, Gold ball, which elevated the tone of the demand by submitting to his study before a federal court.

The defense: “you have generated more profit, have played more, should have won more games and championships (four world and Olympic Games, for none of the male representation.) and have generated the most audience on television.” Reason either they were missing because that year would end up winning the World cup in France, but before they had already beaten the record of viewers watching a game of football in the U.S., with 23 million. The own Rapinoe, Alex Morgan or historical, such as Hope are Only, of street, most famous in his country that the men of the MLS. This time, however, it has not been enough. Their struggle has become to fall on deaf ears.

Because the judge in the case, Gary Klausner, has rejected the demand considering that there is no basis for such a thing. Females, however, detailed in his writing, as the boys charged (attached both conventions), regardless of the outcome, against the selection that iswhile they only perceive a economic amount if you play against ranked teams among the first ten in the ranking FIFA… and only if they win, if they tie or lose they are left without compensation. “Each one of us is extremely proud to wear the shirt of the united States, and we take seriously the responsibility that comes with it,” said Alex Morgan, the soccer player more famous in his time. “We believe that the struggle for gender equality in sport is part of that responsibility,” he underlined in ‘Wall Street Journal’

“We are in shock”

“The selection for women’s football has gained more than a half per game and cumulatively in the period of the demand the men’s team,” says the judge. In his text, Klausner argues that in the collective negotiation of its contract players resigned from the scheme of bonus of men (this position is defended also the Federation) in exchange of a salary-based insurance. Women, says the judge, can’t say now that they are dissatisfied with their conditions based on the money that could have earned you have negotiated otherwise. They claim for damages more than 60 million euros.

The players do not agree and have done so in public. “We are in shock with the decision, but we will not give up on our hard work for equality. We have confidence in our commitment to ensure that girls and women will not be scorned because of their sex”, wrote in their social networks, Molly Levinson, a spokesman for the players. “We will never stop fighting for equality”shared Rapinoe, on the same line as Alex Morgan. The judge just dismisses the wages portion of the claim, the footballers also claimed by other problems (lack of promotion, facilities to ride and train, etc.) that will be treated in trial.