Alexa Dellanos captivates their fans with new attribute


Known for their lush curves Alexa Dellanos don’t miss out on the opportunities to share their passions and their best attributes.

From several years ago that Alexa works in the industry modelingfrom small he knew the life that I wanted to have when he becomes an adult and today enjoys the opportunities that it has given the life.

On this occasion it was not by means of a publication in his Instagram but rather in several of their stories, you have to take advantage of to see them here because within a very short time will be eliminated because only last 24 hours.

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Alexa, like so much of the world is in quarantine inside your home, although it probably lives in a luxurious place not to say that you will not be bored a little from time to time.

To avoid a poo boredom, maybe it was you that shared with his followers something that maybe not many knew until the day of today, because another of their gifts and attributes as not anyone does that is that Dellanos also it is a excellent DJ.

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So it was that in their stories in addition to editing parts of songs to delight the ears of their fans Alexa also dispusto to dance with their own mixes.

It is clear that the young model not or would with inappropriate clothes so I opted for an outfit although a little casual, yes it was pretty tight as she likes.

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The beautiful model he has shared that is respecting the current quarantine by the sanitary contingency in addition to having great concern has regretted that his mother Myrka Dellanos you can’t do the same by continuing with their duty to report to the citizenship.

The young woman has an enviable figure even if it is known that on several occasions has gone under the knife does not cease to be a holder of a body dream so you have the joy of showing off the result of years of work by means of exercise and your diet.

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