Anna Kendrick said that there would be more Pitch-Perfect if they keep the cast


Before the arrival of Pitch Perfect 3 this Christmas, Anna Kendrick noted that there would be more films, only if they keep the original cast.

This December is very special, and it is that there have been various film productions that have come to the big screen.

Between them not only is Star Wars: The Last Jedi (which has broken a record in box office since its premiere), but also Pitch Perfect 3.

The film production starring Anna Kendrick it tells the story of a group of girls that sing a capella topics of the moment.

Kendrick and the rest of the cast are happy for the return of this film – that it is a fusion between comedy and music – so you have been visiting TV and radio programs to talk about this delivery.

In one of the recent interviews that were carried out to Anna Kendrick– also known for being the voice of the troll female next to Justin Timberlake a few years ago – the actress spoke about Pitch Perfect.

Unlike other productions as Spiderman, Kendrick indicated that I would not wish that on future deliveries there is a change in the cast.

This is why he spoke of the importance of the conserved cast original, that being the only way to accept a fourth or fifth installment of the film.

The only thing not to do is how to make the thing, Spider-man and bring a whole new cast and say ‘and now, get this girl a Scholarship! That is to say, it is not as if we changed his name!’” explained the american actress.

These statements were given during an interview conducted in MTV

The protagonist of Pitch Perfect he took as an example Spidermansince they launched the first movie they have done several reboots.

They first had to Tobey Mcguire, then Andrew Garfieldand now to Tom Holland.

Before the claims of Kendrick, Ruby Rose, who joined the cast in this installment in the role of Calamity, supported his comments, saying that he would be “devastated” if you don’t include it in the next films.

Recent appearances of Anna Kendrick

Recently, the actress proasted by the Late Show of Jimmy Fallon for them to visit. During his stay he sang together with the driver of the television program and The Roots. Together sang a theme playing musical instruments for a classroom.

Enjoy the result in the video below:

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