Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber could do a duet for the first time


SPECIAL. – Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber announced that it will publish a song whose profits will go to charitable causes to the families of the health professionals affected by COVID-19.

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‘The benefits of the reproductions and the sales will be donated to the organization, which funds grants and scholarships for the children of the professionals of health, safety and emergency working during this global pandemic’, he explained it Great in his profile of Instagram.

Although the song will be released next may 8, Bieber ahead of the instrumental version of the theme. The release of the song comes two months after Bieber released his album ‘Changes’, which was to be accompanied by a tour that has had to be cancelled for the virus.

For its part, Large he has joined several campaigns to try to mitigate the effects that is producing the crisis of the coronavirus.