Demi Lovato has made clear why he walked away from his ex-partner, Wilme Valderrama


The podcast ‘I Weigh’ of the activist and actress of ‘The Good Place’, Jameela Jamil, has been invited to Demi Lovato, who is promoting new song with Sam Smith called ‘I’m Ready’. The program seeks to talk about the problems that many people suffer when confronted with the canons of beauty imposed by the society and the singer knows a lot of that.

Demi Lovato has had as it currently stands with the relationship of your body after you have gone through so many self-esteem issues. Even, come to have a near death experience two years ago when he had an overdose and was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic.

The interpreter revealed as have been its progress mentally regarding your body: “No I am always going to feel good in the skin that I am. For many years I lied to myself because I thought that was the way to achieve it. […] Now when I look in the mirror instead of telling me ‘you’re gorgeous’ and I don’t believe it I say to myself ‘what are the things I know of my body?’. My body survived an incredible experience and I am grateful for my strength.”

On the need to improve your life and the people around him, we have been able to discover that the artist has decided not to have any more relationship with her ex-partner Wilme Valderrama, with whom he shared 6 years of his life and was a great support during the hard times a couple of years ago.

Demi Lovato says: “Before I had a very different mentality, I thought that if I had had a negative experience with someone I needed to fix things, or that there was reconciliation in any way”. Now, the singer of ‘Sorry not sorry’ has changed his way of seeing things: “I am not a friend of any of my exs to this day because I’ve realized that that was not healthy for me.”

The interpreter is evolving little by little to be able to improve: “Now, I’ve learned to let go of the people completely, you know, that’s another thing that I’ve learned to make, cut off relationships with toxic people. And if it is an ex, is for some reason”. Is much more happy and have a new partner Max Ehrich with the is going to the landfill.