Filtered possible collaboration: Fortnite x Travis Scott


The Rapper and american producer gives us to talk about with this collaboration unexpected encounter with the famous video game Battle Royal known as Fortnite, with the beginning of this season 2 of chapter 2, Fortnite, is leaked several program files which indicated that the rapper will have his own set.

“DisplayName” it is the name that normally carry sets of Skins, emotes and articles of collection that appear in the game, in the data, the data miners found a “set” with name “Travis Scott”, what is more likely is that we see a possible collaboration or a live concert like that time with Marshmello.

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Up to now, unknown the content of the “set” Travis Scott in Fortnite, but it is more than obvious that we will see a Skinor any emote with any song the famous rapper, as recently Fortnite has released an emote of a song very famous in collaboration with Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You up”.

This is not the first time that we see the rapper taking interaction with the famous game Battle Royal, as some of us still remember the time in which the streamer Ninja played Fortnite live with Drake and Travis Scott.

The only thing left wait to know that you will have this second season of Fortnite in collaborations and events refers.