Five films about imprisonment, as to not leave the house


When it took more than forty days of quarantine, it becomes increasingly difficult to comply with, to the extent necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus. To pass the time, go here five films that depict the various forms of imprisonment, and that are available on Netflix. A way of re-signifying, from the fiction, stay indoors.

The hole, Passengers, The evening of 12 years, The club of the five and The trench infinite pose, from the terror, the historical drama, the film teens and science fiction, different modes of confinement, with different results.

1) The pit (2019)

Award-winning in his time at Toronto and Sitges (at the festival of fantastic film took the awards for best film and the critics), this film, directed by the basque Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia shows humanity as an animal species with selfishness as the main feature.

The hole of the title is a sort of prison or the Tower of Babel in which they live about four hundred people: two for each of its more than 200 levels. The protagonist is Goreng (Ivan Massagué), a man who he chose to join voluntarily, to get out of there six months, having stopped smoking (you can not enter with tobacco to the jail vertical) and with Don Quixote Cervantes read. Because each one you enter you can do so with an element. Goreng chose the book. Others, more farsighted, choose, for example, a knife.

A once-a-day down the hole of a platform full of food. Of course, it is packed at level 1, but when it comes to those who are lower down, there is nothing left. When it meets a month, they change from level to level. Today you can be in the 6, and tomorrow in the 202. Metaphors and symbolisms in the margin, The hole it is a film that borders on horror, with scenes of violence, good graphics.

2) Passengers (2016)

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in “Passengers”.

Directed by the Norwegian Morten Tyldum (nominated for an Oscar as best director for The Enigma codethis science fiction movie has Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to board a spaceship heading to a distant planet. Aboard the ship there are thousands of people that travel to this colony distant from the hibernation state. But them two are the only ones who, due to a failure of the system, come out of their chambers to sleep ahead of time: nothing less than some 90 years before reaching a destination.

First awakens him. So that is completely alone, wandering through the ship in silence, without even access to the vip areas, because the category of your passage will not allow it. Enter the state of semi-madness to that extreme loneliness can lead to a human being. Even fight with the machines, until he encounters a humanoid, the barman, Arthur (Michael Sheen), who serves martinis to order and gives conversation.

The appearance of Aurora (Lawrence) changes the pitch existentialist film of a love story. Are two characters trapped in the cold and luxurious venues of the ship sleeping. Are a bump technology, an anomaly, from which rises a relationship, tender and romantic.

3) The club of the five (1985)

The club of the five, a classic of the '80.

The club of the five, a classic of the ’80.

The Breakfast Club, as its original title, of the late John Hughes, was a milestone in the cinema of the teens of the ‘80s. Is starring a group of five high school students totally different from each other, but that they have no other option than to be friends as they punished an entire Saturday in the college. The film is so well regarded, that form part of the Criterion Collection, a prestigious collection on DVD that only publishes titles that entered the great history of the cinema.

In the group that is the “rare”, the dark Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy); the athlete, Andrew Clark (Emilio Estevez); the bad boy, John Bender (Judd Nelson); the nerd, Brian Johnson (Anthony Michael Hall); and the cute girl and popular, Claire Standish (Molly Ringwald). Gradually open up and reveal their intimate secrets to the other, beginning with the reasons for his own punishment.

For example, Allison is a compulsive liar begins. Bender comes from a home unstructured and is the victim of abuse by his father. Andrew hates his own, who wants to make him the typical athlete and winner of popular without importale the means to that end. Claire is ashamed of her virginity and Brian feel a lot of pressure academically, because of his parents ‘ expectations are very high.

4) The trench-infinite (2019)

Antonio of the Tower and Bethlehem Hill star in this Spanish film based on a true story, that was one of the surprises of the Festival of San Sebastian 2019, where it took no less than six awards: best director, best screenplay, best film vasco, premio Feroz Zinemaldia, FIPRESCI award and best screenplay basque.

Also was nominated in fifteen categories in the Goya 2020, including best picture, and won two: best actress leading, and sound.

In her fourth feature film, the trio of directors, screenwriters and producers basques formed by Aitor Arregui, Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Goenaga constructed drama engaging, that never loses the suspense during their two and a half hours in duration.

It all takes place in a small town of Andalusia. The action begins in 1936: Higinio and Rosa have few months of married of Spain, when the Civil War broke out, and the life of it happens to be seriously threatened. With the help of his wife, will decide to use a hole dug in your own home as a hideout in the interim. The fear of possible retaliation, as well as the love that you feel for one another, condemned to a confinement that lasts for more than thirty years.

5) The night of 12 years (2019)

The story told is known by many: the confinement they suffered three guerilla leaders of uruguay, the tupamaros Jose “Pepe” Mujica, Mauricio Rosencof and Eleuterio Fernández Huidobro. Between 1973, when they were captured, until 1985, with the advent of democracy in the neighbouring country, were not only deprived of their liberty.

The euphemism “detainees,” including having been tortured, confined, not always in cells, but also in wells, in places 2×2. The denigration included everything. Them, that they could not communicate with each other, nor could they talk to their jailers, they managed to do it from beating on the walls where they were locked up.

In this co-production between Spain, Uruguay and Argentina, the three main characters look with their jobs. The Spanish Antonio de la Torre as Mujica, the Chinese Darín in the role of Rosencof, and the uruguayan Alfonso Tort, interpreting Fernández Huidobro, shine and never clash.