From MySpace to the world scene: Adele meets 32 years


“Hello, it’s me…”. As well as other artists, Adele you will need to pass your birthday number 32 in the house, but in this day so special for her, she is remembered for her musical success that has accompanied the love life many of his followers.

The singer was born may 5, 1988 in London. From very small showed a great interest in music. He was a great admirer of the Spice Girlsboth liked to sing their songs; however, he never imagined that 21 years later, he would have known during the last concert of his tour of reunion Spice World Tour” in the stadium of Wembley, England.

In 2006, one of his friends came up to publish in MySpace some demos, which allowed the talent of the star was discovered by XL Recordings, where she recorded her first album called “19” and became known for his single “Hometown Glory”.

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But really what catapulted him to the world-famous it was his appearance in the program Saturday Night Live along with the candidate for vice-president of the united States, Sarah Palin. Even Adele has joked that the candidate was responsible for his success because it was one of the most viewed of the show.

At the beginning of 2011, the singer released his second studio album called “21” with that sold more than 30 million copies around the worldpositioning its single “Rolling in the Deep” on the first places in all the lists of popularity.

The album also broke away to form other hits such as “Set fire to the rain” and “Rumour has it”, that today are still present in the playlists of many people and even set business.

“Someone like you” is a topic that has shaken and touched the hearts of millions of people, a sentiment that was reflected during the concert offered in the venue The Royal Albert Hall in 2011. The delivery of the public was so intense that it brought tears of emotion to the singer at the end of their interpretation.

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During his artistic career he has won a total of 15 Grammy and many more awards, including an Oscar for “Best song”, for the main theme of the movie “SkyFall” of James Bond.

The “Britney signal”

One of their most controversial moments it was when he took the top honors as “Artist british female” and “Best album of the year” in the delivery of the Brit Awards 2012. Then the singer did the “Britney signal” in protest to the show’s producers, for having interrupted your speech of thanks.