Games you probably didn’t know were based on books


In the world of cinema, it is common to find that many of your favorite movies and whose stories you most surprised are in reality adaptations of books. In fact, in all awards ceremonies, the awards script always split between original screenplays and screenplays adapted. No one finds it strange.

However, the same is not true with video games. Few guessed that a video game, a medium so visual and so interactive, would be born in the white pages of a novel. But what is certain is that there have been cases. Many more than people think.

And contrary to what happens in many films, that may allow limited limited to to catch the story of the book without more, andl process of adapting a book to a video game is more complex.

These are the must-play games for PlayStation 4 that you should be playing “mandatory” if you have the Sony console.

It tries to take the universe, atmosphere or theme of a book and translate it to a completely new language. A task that can be more or less faithful to the original source (to the point of vanishing almost all their similarities), but that gives rise to cases that are worthy of study…


Although it is not an exact adaptation, BioShock is strongly influenced by the objectivism of author Ayn Rand, a philosophy that extols individualism and capitalism. But, on the contrary that in the work of Rand, developed in novels like The rebellion Atlas (1957), BioShock criticizes this philosophy and expose his perversion is evident in Rapture, a utopian underwater failed-supported values-objectivist”, according to the words of Ken Levine.

Assassin’s Creed

The epic fantasy historical Ubisoft has its roots in Alamuta novel written by Vladimir Bartol in 1938 that tells the story of the Hashshashin, a cult in Islam of murderers (though much more crude in the novel) during the ELEVENTH century. The famous jump from the eagle series it comes from here, like the motto “nothing is true, everything is permitted”.