Hailee Steinfeld lashed out at his record label for not promoting his album



A few months ago Hailee Steinfeld received some criticism unsurpassed for his portrayal of a young Emily Dickinson was unleashed in a costume drama with dialogues very contemporary for Apple TV Plus, but his musical career is not getting the same attention and she seems to be very clear who is to blame: of his record label.

Just as he did in his time his former girlfriend Taylor Swift when the founder of his former label Big Machine Records, sold the company to his greatest enemy, Scooter Braun, thereby releasing the control on their first six albums, Hailee has not hesitated to denounce the unfair treatment that I would be receiving from Republic Records-belonging to Universal Music – through their social networks.

This week the young man has posted a small preview in the form of a video for his upcoming album, ‘Half Written Story’, whose launch is set for next may 8. The protocol in the virtual sphere dictated that their record company had to react in some way to that publication and, indeed, in the comments section, you can find a message from Republic Records with three black hearts, but that was not enough in the opinion of Hailee.

“What are you going to publish it?”, quickly answered her, giving to understand that he expected a support that had not received until then to promote their work.

The maneuver worked and in a matter of minutes the profile of Republic Records, had incorporated into his profile of Instagram two photos of the artist announcing that they already are could book in advance on the disk.