Henry Cavill admits that he felt intimidated by Ben Affleck in the filming of ‘Batman v Superman’


Everything seems to indicate that even Superman suffers certain complexes, making it clear that the more strong also have their weaknesses. This is because the actor Henry Cavill confessed in the new issue of the magazine Healthy For Men who felt intimidated by Ben Affleck during the filming of “Batman v Superman: dawn of justice”.

“Like most things in life, you put yourself at a certain level, and I thought I was in good shape when you enter in that film. Then I met Ben Affleck”said the british on their coprotagonismo with the Man Bat.

“What caught first my attention was how much fun it was, but also that he was a muscular man. I’ve never been the type of person who engages in any type of superiority of machito, but I admit I was a little intimidated, and that gave me the desire to tighten a bit more, because Ben was really strong”added Cavill.

What is clear is that even Superman is impressed by the powerful physical Aflleck, that during these weeks has appeared a lot in the media to promote his new movie, “The Way Back”.

“The guy is huge. I am insignificant in comparison. It is much bigger than I expected, with its huge presence and physically gross. I had to improve. When you see this mountain of a man walking around the set of the shoot you think: ‘I had to go to the gym yesterday'”confessed English actor.

As he left evidence-Cavill, Affleck came well prepared to interpret the character of DC, even though her life stormy did that then I had to leave the interpretation of the superhero.

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