How much is the bed where you sleep?


For most people, being locked up in the house many weeks, you are assuming a huge effort both physical and mental. Before it is decreed that no one could go out for walks, and our legs were heavy and the head was keen to take to the air, and never better said. However, for international stars such as Drake, the confinement is not to be so hard.

Drake won’t be bored due to the large mansion in which she lives in which has a swimming pool, a private cinema, runway and many recreation rooms where you entertain. The artist has in his house a large quantity of objects that have been left without words to his fans, among them: his bed.

What not many know is that the king Drake has a mattress from a company that puts “the bed more luxurious in the world.”

The artist in the last few weeks has not been very active in his account of Instagram, because that is taking advantage of the moment to get new music. Every song he publishes becomes a hit and, even though everyone stays in their houses, this has not prevented the singer has posted a new video in which their fans have been able to see the inside of his mansion.

It is an immense house of more than 400 square meters, located in Toronto. It has facilities like a basketball court inside according to the regulation of the NBA, and crowned by a skylight pyramid of 2 meters.

Another of the key elements of the artist’s house is her bed. The mattress is designed for the manufacturer of luxury beds Swedish Hästens, known as “the bed more luxurious in the world”, with mattresses that cost an average of $ 200,000. And could Drake be double, amounting to a total of $ 400,000 due to a collaboration with designer Ferris Rafauli. A figure that has perplexed their fans.