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With just one day in Instagram actor Chris Evans debuted with the right foot to the beat as the 2.1 million followers. A video with a positive initiative enough to overtake in followers to actors with most experience as Don Cheadle (770 thousand).

And that is the charisma of Evans and emblematic of the character he plays in the Marvel universe (MCU) has placed on the podium of the most beloved. But if we speak of stars that also have millions of Likes daily on Instagram will always be better to talk with numbers.

So in this photo gallery we list a dozen actors who gave life to Marvel superheroes and that they have a success similar to, or similar in regards to followers on Instagram, social network next to Facebook is one of the most used worldwide.

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The first is Robert Downey Jr., actor who plays Ironman. He has 46.2 million followers and is far ahead of other members of the cast. In their publications we can see pictures of her daily life and also some of the filming of tapes and appearances on television programs.

The second actor in our list is another caserito’s Instagram: Chris Hemwsorth, who gives life to Thor in the MCU, accumulates 41.3 million followers in this social network. It is quite common to find pictures of their weekly activities and a family photo next to his Spanish wife and their beautiful children.

The dear ‘Thor’ recently starring in the ultimate success of Netflix titled “Extraction”, tape action, in which he plays a merecenario of good heart and noble feelings. Here’s a spoiler: but at the end of the film seems to die, the brothers Russo (directors) left the door open to a second part.

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The third actor in our list is nothing more and nothing less than Tom Holland. The youngest in the cast, Marvel has earned the affection of 34.9 million followers on Instagram. Your talkativeness (on tape and in real life) puts him on the podium of the most celebrated with each photo that you post.

After this top three there are a number of names are also very well-known but now with the bottom of the 20-million followers on Instagram. For example, Mark Ruffallo. Actor, activist and a staunch proponent of progressive ideas in social networks. The popular ‘Hulk’ has 17.6 million followers in this social network.

Then come actors like Jeremy Renner with 14.7 million followers, Chadwick Boseman with 7.4 million and a cuirioso tie between Karen Gillan and Zoe Saldana with 7.2 million followers.

Something below appear in a new tie with 6.6 million followers, the eccentric Gwyneth Paltrow, his colleague Brie Larsson (Captain Marvel) and the experienced Samuel L. Jackson.

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The penultimate member of this kind of ranking of popularity in Instagram is Evangeline Lilly, the talented and beautiful actress who plays The Wasp in the series “Ant-Man” and “Ant-Man & The Wasp”. She has 2.3 million followers who regularly see their taste for the changes of look.

Finally, the above mentioned Don Cheadle. Your bio short and very direct: “I’m acting and something more”. It has not even reached 800 thousand followers on Instagram, however, it is clear that their priority interest are not social networks. Just have 99 pictures posted, many of which are not even displayed.


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