James Wan will produce science fiction movie with the screenwriter of John Wick


During his years in the land of Hollywood, James Wan has served as a director that is dedicated just to movies that interest you. Thanks to their presence we have seen the arrival and stay of deliveries as Saw: The Game Macabre – 48%, The Spell – 86% or Fast and Furious 7 – 79%, all turned into great successes of the industry. But the filmmaker could be on the verge of a great new step with Derek Kolstad , screenwriter of the saga John Wick. In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, Wan join forces with Derek for a new science-fiction movie.

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Some say that time travel has been exploited to exhaustion, but maybe the genre needs a new approach that achieves to captivate the audience with their charms. The information THR indicates that James Wan will produce the adaptation of The Hunting Season, classic science fiction written by Frank M. Robinson and published in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine in 1951. During its best years, Robinson highlighted as a leading contributor of science fiction; now Wan and Kolstad you are about to address his work.

In accordance with Good Reads, The Hunting Season presents to a society a militaristic future where those who defy the system are sent to the past through time travel. When they arrive at their destination they are hunted by groups of aristocrats only as a hobby. The people who receive these punishments are usually of the lower classes, however, when an officer of the law is sent to the TWENTIETH century in the united States, his conviction and subsequent hunt arrive to disrupt everything that the structure represents. An introduction more interesting.

Derek Kolstad will be developed as a scriptwriter in The Hunting Season, a writer who was present on Another Day To Kill – 85%, John Wick 2: A New Day for Killing – 89%, and John Wick 3: Parabellum – 98%; in addition, he was hired by Marvel Studios to be part of the team of writers in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Atomic Monster, the company founded by James Wan will be in charge of producing this new proposal of science fiction. What will become in a delivery of success?

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The last film directed and released by James Wan was Aquaman – 73%, the solo adventure of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, which became one of the biggest successes of the DCEU. The director-malay will return for the second part, whose premiere is scheduled for the end of 2022. Around this production around various mysteries, but the biggest focus in the stay of Amber Heard as a Mere; the rumors about his dismissal no longer appear and the fans of the hero submarine beg for your departure to Warner Bros. The actress became persona non grata since the revelation of some audios where you will listen to assaulting Johnny Depp.

On the other hand, Wan yes that had to work after Aquaman. The director was at the forefront of Malignant, horror film starring Annabelle Wallis and Maddie Hasson, details of plot are scarce. The film had a premiere scheduled for August of this year, however, the emergency COVID-19 has left it without date until further notice. Watch out for our newsletter to hear all the news about it.

At the moment there are no details on the start of filming for The Hunting Season any release date estimate. In this time of pandemic, the stories of science fiction have a great opportunity to turn a corner and become reinterpretations of the morning with new aspects. We hope that the new project James Wan and company have what it takes to become a hit of the coming years.

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