Kate Beckinsale returns to the screen with ‘The Widow’, a thriller with dramatic overtones of Amazon almost to the height of ‘Homecoming’


Amazon Prime Video you want to repeat the success it enjoyed in 2018 Homecomingthe series of Julia Roberts, and this time it is another super star, who has been charged with giving a name to a new thriller original channel streaming. Kate Beckinsale stars in The Widowan intense thriller that takes us to the Congo, and that to us has convinced us.

It premiered on march 1and in just a couple of days we’ve drunk what’s new with Kate Beckinsale and Amazon. A thriller in which Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Alex Kingston (Doctor Who), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Fantastic animals: The crimes of Grindelwald) and Louise Brealey (Sherlockaccompanying them to the british actress on her journey to discover the truth.

Georgia Wells is a woman with a tragedy on their shoulders. Your husband Will suffered a plane crash when I was in humanitarian aid in the Congo. No one survived. But three years later, Georgia believes to see him on tvin the middle of a riot in the african city. Are you still alive? Why has not returned with her after the accident?

The series of eight chapters goes to horse between Wales, Rotterdam, and south Africa, between timing jitter and secrets you get the typical story of a dead man that in reality it is not becoming a thriller with a protagonist absolute. Two stories that begin at the same point, which starred Kate Beckinsale and her husband in the fiction Matthew Le Nevez (Love child), and the starred Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, who plays Ariel Helgason, an icelandic blind that is presented to a clinical trial in the Netherlands to retrieve the view.

Does the magic? As both stories converge in a same point.

A trip with a civil war as a backdrop

The protagonist decides to travel to south Africa in search of answers and using as a backdrop the civil war, revealing the mystery that surrounds everything that has to do with your husband Will.

The Widow Amazon Kate Beckinsale Shalom Nyandiko

This confrontation also gives us one of the most exciting stories of the seriesperhaps even more than the of the own Beckinsale, of the Shalom Nyandiko, the actress who plays the little girl soldier Adidja that you get on many occasions that we tarnish the eyes.

The action follows him, sitting just as well Kate Beckinsale

The Widow Amazon Kate Beckinsale

Although it is not the only thing you are good at (we fell in love Serendipity), yes it is very true that the action figure of Selene in the tetralogy Underworld is one of his most well-known. On this occasion not fighting vampires, but the action is not very far away and gun in hand, is able to convince us that she is a woman willing to everything to discover the truth.

The Widow Amazon, Kate Beckinsale And Charles Dance

Your more dramatic side is the best of the series and the cast, with a wonderful Charles Dance that leads to the best performances, it is a reason enough to mark a marathon with this series and to discover that not only Netflix and HBO make good original series.

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