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What do they have in common Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendall JennerBlanca Padilla or Emilia Clarke? The “Gua Sha”, roller millennial common in Asia that has become part of the ritual of facial care, a tool that promises to properties such as brightness, to reduce congestion and smoothness in the skin.

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The universe of the cosmetic facial also succumbs to trends and cycles. Now, it is fashionable the “Gua Sha”, a roller, composed of two parts, a larger one aimed at areas such as jaws, cheekbones and forehead, and another smaller one for the nose area and the contour of the eyes.

This utensilto be desired by celebrities, was already in the vanities of the women of the nobility in china two thousand years ago, for its properties to revitalize facial muscles, slow down the process of aging or the healing of the stress.

A trendy natural and ancestral claim to the famous and whose technique have decided to learn the facialistas most prestigious to include it in their range of treatments.

In these cases highlight the importance of making massage lymphatic in the face prior to apply the products, to enhance its effect and stimulate blood circulation in the face. For its realization, in addition to the hands, the roller of jade becomes one of the main allies.

“These rollers stimulate naturally collagen of the skin and the lymphatic system, delaying aging, improving the appearance of the skin and decreasing lines of expression,” he explained in a video via Instagram the facialista Ling Chan, in charge of caring faces in the media as the supermodel Miranda Kerr or Behati Prinsloo.

The technique “Gua Sha” is made with mineral-planes of a semicircular shape, designed to conform to the shape of the face, which, as its name suggests, the zest in upward strokes to encourage the blood circulation.

Quartz or jade, these flat stones are promising, according to published Melissa Wood, head of training, nutrition and lifestyle of several celebrities in new york, “a few similar effects to those of botox, acquired in a natural way by means of the activation of facial muscles”, as detailed in one of his videos.

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Also through a Youtube video that was almost a million hits, the supermodel of Victoria’s Secret Romee Strijd, explained for fifteen minutes the benefits of “Gua Sha” in a routine that takes place on a daily basis.

A new fashion based on a tool-old is positioned as the trend beauty of the moment.

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