Kourtney Kardashian denies rumors of pregnancy with sexy flat abdomen


Kourtney Kardashian a few weeks ago arose the rumor that possibly would be pregnant of her fourth child. However, the celebrity of television decided to disprove these speculations with some sexy photos that teach its spectacular flat abdomen. How awesome!

The older sister of the clan Kardashian-Jenner he said some weeks ago that he wanted to have another baby; because of this, thousands of internet users began to ensure that Kourt possibly he was already pregnantalthough they didn’t know who would be the father, since she is from several months ago has reportedly been single.

But the rumors became stronger after the owner of the mark “Poosh” appeared in some pictures with the belly a little bulging. However, it was the same Kourtney who gave the lie to this.

Although he said that yes he would love to have a baby, until now has not been able to give the opportunity and your abdomen lucia as well for a small problem of inflammation that was the influencer in that time.

Kourtney Kardashian with hot body

Sister Kardashian to his 41 years of age, has an enviable and toned figure that any twenty-year-old note. And is that Kourtney has managed to maintain an impressive silhouette and a flat tummy super flat, thanks to the life fitness that leads, mainly based on eating very healthy and exercise a lot.

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Also, Kourt is the great example to follow not only for its famous sisters, but for their more than 90 million followers, who admire the entrepreneur, and influencer by having an amazing belly and a dream figure after having three children. Which, presumed in daring swimsuits or revealing outfits.

The body of Kourtney Kardashian always gives what to talk about, because it is very well marked and according to users, is the most “natural” looks of all the sisters Kardashian-Jenner (plus Kendall). But the u.s. has achieved through a strict healthy lifestyle that leads from several years ago.