Lizzo accuses TikTok delete videos of her in a bathing suit


UNITED STATES.- Lizzo released a video TikTok accusing the app of remove constantly videos that the show wearing bathing suits.

In the publication, the singer is synchronized with a song that repeats the words “I know” while the text appears on the screen.

“TikTok keeps taking my videos with me in my swimwear, but allows other videos with girls in bathing suits. I wonder why? TikTok we need to talk”, reads the clip.

Recently the singer defended himself against criticisms of her weight, and once replied to a twitter user who claimed that his success was due to an “obesity epidemic”.

“I am popular because I write good songs and have talent and I do shows for an hour and a half full of love. The only person that you need to improve you”, he added.

With information from Fox News.

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