Lizzo gives another meaning to the theme dub twerk at the BRIT Awards 2020


Melissa Viviane Jefferson internationally known by her stage name Lizzo, gave to the whole world reflected in its presentation at the BRIT Awards 2020 then that one part of his interpretation made twerking.

The controversial singer has caused a sensation in social networks since he was a closer with Harry Styles while being interviewed, and fans of the singer were not very happy.

The singer and rapper of 31 years old old have a short career just since the year 2012 is that he began his activity as an artist.

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Lizzo has been characterized by their presentations that in spite of having a little bit of overweight is not limited to use outfits tight or quite revealing reason for the which has earned it some criticism on the part of internet users.

During his performance in the BRIT Awards 2020 he surprised the audience by shaking his hips and display a style of twerking that he had not ever seen leaving everyone engrossed.

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“I honestly don’t know why you continue to admire people like Lizzo who does and says things so desubicadas and unpleasant,” shared @ughpoesie user of Twitter.

You want to see the twerking of Lizzo da click here.

Some weeks ago it became a trend on social networks because between her and various celebrities female made a party with exotic dancers which was not to the total liking of the internet users.

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Lizzo and company put together a super party where they gave money to the dancerswere highly criticised because she and other artists defending the women were not objects but was not the same thought in Twitter.

“Literally Dua sucked the struggle of the women, both supported her and was considered a feminist, and there it is, throwing tickets to a chick, treating her as an object,” wrote the user @__seesxw. in Twiiter on that occasion.

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