Pajamas of luxury, the garment star of sales during the confinement


“I love to buy jackets incredible, because I can wear my pajamas underneath and everyone says ‘Oh, fabulous jacket,’ and I reply: ‘you Should see what is underneath’. The pajama top is my favorite garment ever, and is far from the typical nightgown nondescript polyester. I and my sister we always remember the scenes of homemade Parents forced pajamas made just for us with application of rhinestones, beading and a host of accessories”, he explained to the british magazine Tatler Mary-Kate Olsen, founder along with her twin sister, Ashley, of the firm the Row.

In these times of confinement, there are many influencers and celebrities that have been erected in faithful fans of the pajamas, added to the phenomenon born over a few seasons to bring it to the street. “The playsuit is a garment comfortable, versatile and extremely glamorous. On the runway, I look even corsets, but at home I prefer a caftan or pajamas men’s silk Pearl”, exposes the model Kendall Jenner.

So I felt at the beginning of the TWENTIETH century, the great Coco Chanel, when he decided to open his boutique on the rue Gontaut-Biron in Deauville. The coast of Normandy, with its wide skies a grayish blue, and its beaches, it still seemed at that time to the representations painted by Eugène Boudin and the impressionists in the late NINETEENTH century.

Garments of Llamazares and Delgado, versatile as pajamas or outer garment

Garments of Llamazares and Delgado, versatile as pajamas or outer garment
(Llamazares and Delgado)

In this elegant tourist destination, Coco offered to their wealthy customers clothing to be outdoors that she showed along the famous boardwalk of Deauville, from the typical marinière to batines style kimono and even pyjamas for the beach that decorated with pearls and camellias stitched to the belt or to the flap of the neck. His success was overwhelming. He began to sell in their stores parisian pajamas who, despite their inspiration male trousers straight, button-down shirt and chest pocket, they won headlines such as “exquisite” and “the materialization of the allure”.

Now, when the sale of clothing has plummeted, only the pajama does not suffer from the red numbers. On the contrary, the sale of pajamas from brands such as For Restless Sleepers, The Pearl, Giorgio Armani, Asceno or Olivia Von Hallethat feature Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham, Meghan Markle, Selena Gomez and Gwyneth Paltrow among its fans, have seen their sales have increased by between 13% and 20% since march, according to the platform leader in trends WGSN.

Custom designs

Luxury brands offer their clientele the exclusive chance to make unique pieces with a value of 25,000 to 80,000 euros

We talk about pajamas ranging between 500 and 2,000 euros and whose designers also offer to their clientele and jet-set the possibility of making unique pieces for a value of 25,000 to 80,000 euros. These brands not only offer pyjamas in silk, even with a diamond on the buttons or by forming a drawing in the pants, but they are also pioneers in kimonos, caftans, masks and slippers luxury.

“I must admit that with the confinement, I realized that he played to renew the pyjamas as sets of loungewear. Most of the nightgowns I have with the whisk to the game and something that for me is fundamental, and the eye mask. In the planes I started to take a great interest, since I couldn’t sleep, and since I can not live without it. I now use one of Charlotte Tilburry silk lavender-scented. It is very relaxing,” explains the influencer Natalia Cebrián, with more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Two proposals of the Dutch designer Lillian Dressen and the signature of barcelona Llamazares and Delgado

Two proposals of the Dutch designer Lillian Dressen and the signature of barcelona Llamazares and Delgado
(Lillian Dressen, Llamazares)

The mask, which formerly only produced some historical marks as Libertyin London, has been gaining ground and is now sold in luxury hotels along with fragrances in order to avoid odors although you travel in first class. It is the case of Red Santal, a fragrance from the signature of new zealand Abel starts smelling of spices and evolves sandalwood, very nice. The same brand, which sells in Harvey Nichols in New York and in JC Apotecarihas another fragrance very soft and relaxing, Nurture, intended for babies, moms, and pregnant women.

“If the pajamas can already be carried by the street, there are few barriers that have to tear down. Quality over quantity,” says Julia Weems, Area director of Fashion at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona. So much so that there are even those who marry in one of these pajamas, as evidenced by the signature Ukrainian
that has seen as some of their pajamas, feminine, delicate and elegant, have been chosen for ceremonies where the luxury is the leitmotif of the celebration.

Get married in pajamas

The Ukrainian firm Sleeper, which has seen some of your clothes, delicate and elegant, have been chosen for ceremonies, luxury

In addition, the silk, the pajamas of luxury has allies as the point of cotton or linen, woven in gauges 10 or 12, exposed Fabricio Pérez and Jaime Martinez, the creators of the firm Llamazares and Delgado, those who believe that comfort is everything, and the beauty of the luxury synonym: “When one is alone or asleep, is with himself and there is nothing more important. People do not give importance, but we must combat that idea, so there are wonderful garments to be home that perfectly can be taken out to the street.” The same view Carola Alexandre, to the front of Ivori, which always uses natural fabrics that have, in addition, “with the advantage of being breathable, it does not need virtually irons and are versatile for inside and outside”.

Precisely for these reasons, the signature French Williamfounded by the frenchman Guillaume Laout and that counts as a partner with the entrepreneurial Natàlia Puiggros, founder of the agency Lemod, has wanted to go further with a collection in which the pyjama is a must-have multi-purpose and proving that, in this respect, nor is Wikipedia a day, as it still has not updated the meaning of the word pajamas – “a garment or garments worn for sleeping”-. What sleepy it is coolas the collection of the brand shows with pajamas and nightgowns made of fabrics ecofriendly of earth colors, inspired by nature, with colorful prints and which highlight the femininity. The production of this summer season 2020 is limited to 800 units hand-numbered. Each garment is unique and different to be the printed fabrics in the block, the result of a cuidadísimo craft work.

Natàlia Puiggros and Guillaume Laout (on the computer), drivers of pajamas French William

Natàlia Puiggros and Guillaume Laout (on the computer), drivers of pajamas French William
(Llibert Teixidó)

The phenomenon has become so international that the Dutch Lilian Driessen, designer and professor of fashion in The Haguehas always been clear that the pajamas, since it began, it was also a return of nut to the textile business. “The volumes in universal, the boom for the oversize or shirts babydoll they are ideal for not accumulating parts and sizes that may not be sold and show that the woman is aware of her body. I do not believe in the networks of trade usual. Since I started I have been creating meetings with clients at my showroom in Amsterdam. Are women who want to feel sophisticated but free and not looking to be under the spotlight of the paparazzi. Want to live the luxury behind the camera, and that is why I think that in the luxury sector, the one-to-one and the customization are essential”.

The pajama is the piece of the season and probably of the decade. Proof: the 34% increase in sales of the English firm New Lingwood, in particular its model Paisley Velvet Gown, a bateen lined completely in satin gold from sand with a shawl collar collar in red color.

Put on a pajamas more special and sit down on the couch to enjoy It happened one nightfrom Frank Capra, is sure to cause smiles to see Claudette Colbert in his pajamas, silk men’s court.