Rapper 6ix9ine out of prison early by the pandemic


The singer was released early due to suffering from asthma and may be in danger by the Covid-19.

SET Puebla News

in detail, after the strong crisis in the united States because of the coronavirus, it was reported that the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine would be released of pressure in the last few hours as a preventative measure for your health.

So, according to information released by the legal team of the case, the singer was sent home due to suffering from asthma, and the threat of Covid-19 could affect quite your lungs if you develop a pneumonia.

According to details provided to NBC News, lawyers for the rapper filed legal way the departure of his client, due to the current health emergency could mean a big problem for the health of the young man, who had already spent several months paying a conviction.

Despite the fact that in a first moment this petition was denied by the authorities, the team of the performer confirmed that he was granted the request in a second chance, but under some conditions.

Tekashi must stay at your house for the next four months and will not have the right to leave the residence if there is a meeting with your defense or have a medical emergency that is present at this time.

The musician, whose real name is Daniel Hernández, is paying a sentence in prison after pleading guilty to multiple charges of racketeering, weapons offenses, and drug trafficking. The 23-year old man was detained in a residential installation under the supervision of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

For the moment do not know details of what will be the place of isolation in which will be the musical star, as his legal representative refused to provide this information. Tekashi will have to meet the rest of the sentence which you have left to carry out what is stipulated by a judge.

6ix9ine is remembered for work with the puerto rican Anuel AA on a musical collaboration called ‘Baby’.

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