Reasons why the prequel of The Hunger Games could fail at the box office


The Hunger Games prepare to return with force to the forefront of popular culture in the form of a novel that will act as a prequel to the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins, and with it, as it could not be otherwise, the corresponding adaptation to the big screen in the Lionsgate is already working and that was confirmed almost at the same time of the announcement about the new book. So, thanks to the author we can visit the society is dystopian of Panem in an era in which neither the parents of Katniss Everdeen would have imagined that she was going to be, or receive the nickname “The girl on fire” and much less to lead a revolution against the dictatorship tyrannical of The Capitol.

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Both the novel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes as the film, which has not been confirmed if you receive a title, will focus on the life of a Coriolanus Snow of 18 years of age who is chosen as the mentor of the tenth edition of the Hunger Games. A prequel is the only logical step to expand a saga that ended in a complete and closed, with no space for a continuation, which can be justified.

This opportunity to travel 64 years before the events of the now famous novel The Hunger Games it is an event that no one want to miss. It is intriguing since the tone that could have the tape that instead of focusing on the hope that he relayed the story of Katniss will take a turn much darker, as if it had not been already, given that the focus is on the public enemy number one of the protagonist, and in all the chaos that caused long before your arrival, at a time that is known as “the dark days”.

Despite the fact that it seems like a great idea, the study should put all the attention on the details of your production if you want this film to be as successful as the trilogy that kickstarted the career of Jennifer Lawrence, as well as its billion dollar box office takings during the years that he was on the big screen. The possibility of failure is there and although we do not doubt of the ideas of Suzanne Collinswe know what can happen when Hollywood gets its hands on a project. That is why we decided to prepare for any scenario and I’ll tell you why The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes it could be a failure.

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All hate President Snow

The announcement of the new novel (and film) shocked the fans. All were happy until Entertainment Weekly revealed a little-great – detail: the protagonist of the story is Coriolanus Snow, the dictator who was portrayed by Donald Sutherland in the stage more adult and dreaded. What was happiness became a controversy because no one wants the antagonist of the trilogy The Hunger Games. Snow is a monster that only wishes to maintain his opulent lifestyle at the expense of all others. At least see the actor as the leader sadistic Panem was one of the highlights of the trilogy, but executives from Lionsgate must be very creative as for the fans to be interested really in seeing your life. It is possible that you will want to give a new dimension to the villain, as it did with the quietly ironic – 91%, but its arc is not given for a characterization that can generate sympathy.

Hollywood is not going well the prequels

Hollywood has a lousy track record when it comes to make prequels to movies or sagas that were a complete success. It is worth recalling the criticism that continue to be the prequels of Star Wars (and that Disney will try to “repair them” with the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars), in addition to other as Prometheus – 73% were also considered failures and recently the case of the series of prequels of Harry Potter, which started with ‘ Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them – 73% which goes by the same way. Usually, what happens is that the first movie, the one that starts a franchise or a saga, it has the greatest success because it starts with something new and eye-catching for the audiences. The only reason the prequels exist is to squeeze a product to the maximum and get all of the money that may be it thanks to an existing franchise. If they were good the story would be another.

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The approach aims to be the wrong one

The adaptation of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes it could be a hit if done right. There are still many questions about the trilogy that have not been answered and this is the best opportunity to give the fans what they have always wanted. However, to be focused on the tyrant that ruled Panem for years, we are concerned that the study do the opposite. The novel will present the tenth Hunger Games, but what we really want to know is who has to do that in the first place or even how it was that Panem became a country, taking into account that this arose out of the united States of America. Something tells us that the new material we will leave you with doubts.

The absence of Katniss Everdeen

For the time period required for the new story, the heroine of The Hunger Games was not in the plans. The null association of the popular character and the actress Jennifer Lawrence surely will wreak havoc in this cinematic adaptation during its passage through the movie listings, because what has happened 64 years before the first book. The question is if Suzanne Collins created another heroine or hero as a counterpart to the evil of Coriolanus Snow to make it interesting or if all that will count will focus on him one hundred percent. We have No doubt that this will cause many to lose interest, also because of the absence of Katniss does not seem to be a good time to see a movie whose events will only take place in the so-called “dark days” of a country that has gone from disgrace in disgrace.

The latest movies did not have the expected performance

The performance of The Hunger Games at the box office was a singing victorious for Lionsgate. According to numbers Box Office Mojothe first film cost$78 million and raised US$694 million worldwide, while The Hunger Games: In Flames – 89% costing almost double, but it grossed$171 million more. You can not say the same of the adaptation of the last novel that was split into two deliveries. The Hunger Games Sinsajo Part 1 – 65% raised less than The Hunger Games: In Flames and The Hunger Games: Sinsajo Part 2 – 70% was even lower than The Hunger Games – 84%. We don’t know for sure if it was due to the decision to split it into two movies or the disinterest of the public. To The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes it could go worse, but it is still too soon to tell.

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