Selena Gomez broke the jean just right there behind it And did not take long to photograph it!


In social networks, emerged an old photo of Selena Gomez during a press conference, and photos with the followers of the singer; but with new detail. He had broken the jean and look at it from what angle the captured!

Selena Gomez enjoy your music, your family, and not to speak of the singleness. Then the artist Justin Bieber, the lady doesn’t want to know anything about falling in love, at least for now.

But that does not mean not receiving the great love of his fans. Through social networks, with each photo, video or premiere musical, their millions of followers the flatter, share and them spread. It is a ídola from a girl!

Among all the publications that made the fans of Selena Gomez, also appear some compromising pictures of the singer of ‘Rare’. Perhaps they knew of the existence of this? It was left to be discovered!

Clothed with a body of red and a jean light blue, Selena Gomez agreed to take a series of photos with his followers, who would then give the artist a press conference.

With what is not told is that your pants, very characteristic in the young fashion current, was broken, and the angle of certain pictures showing where and how big was the rupture. Oh mommy, until one of the guys he was watching from behind!