The brutal fight between Kourtney and Kim Kardashian has done to suspend their show


The new season of the show of the Kardashian sisters has begun demonstrating that the strong relationship that they are brittle at times and have come to light images of the spectacular fight between two of them: Kourtney and Kim. The differences between one and others have been able to see in the last few months, but they had always had discussions and had never starred in a dispute with blows, kicks and buffetings that has surprised all of his followers.

The two protagonists engaged, and little could be done Khloé trying to separate them while throwing his arms trying to impact in the face of his sister. And is that the reason behind this story would be the firm intention of Kourtney Kardashian leaving the reality ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

In the first place, Kourtney goes on a Kim that is left on the ground before you begin to throw kicks to later be faced with her saying she never lay on her that way. At that time starts a fight in which you can listen to Kourtney cry out that not a nail while Kim hits and the follow up to the bathroom to continue the brawl.

Khloé tried to separate all the time while Kendall looked stunned this scene, but none of the two were able to prevent Kim hit with force in the face of Kourtney that was weird. It all ended up with the entrepreneur, looking for the bathroom to look in the mirror and check that there was no sequel of this particular battle in the face. For her part, Kourtney has locked himself in a room and only pitched cries against Khloé while this sought to calm the situation.

The fight made the production a freeze a few days and could continue with the schedule that had been prepared previously. However, after the dissemination of the images Kourtney released a statement in which he claimed that was one of the protagonists of the reality show to focus “in my children and in my lifestyle brand, Poosh“.