The hairstyles will be in trend during the summer and how to make them


In 2020 the hairstyles in trend cross for a moment and bold and fun. The summer announces the arrival of new ways of experimenting with your hair with the purpose of avoiding the heat of the season, but this does not mean that you do it with a simple ponytail, on the contrary, even the classic ponytail has ceased to be a hairstyle more to position itself as the most elegant way to fix your hair (if you know what is the trend to do so).

That’s why here are the relevant trends to style it during the summer. Each one is fresh, trendy and, since then, those who know style know.

Braids long

Rihanna, Zendaya and Zoë Kravitz with braids.

Since the end of last year, we find ourselves before the arrival of the braids long with african inspiration, what we saw from the Fashion Awards 2019 with the arrival Rihanna the red carpet, doing gala of their roots barbadenses with hairstyles of braids narrow, three corporals, and a very, very long.

Subsequently, Zendaya opted for this hairstyle in the Critics’ Choice Awardsthough it is probably one of the greatest representatives of modern this style of Zoë Kravitz, who has made the braid long its highest stamp of style in regard to his beauty look.

How to do braids for long?

Without any doubt, are one of the perfect hair to mark statement if you have the long hair. Actually making them is simple because they are the traditional braids of three strandsbut in all your hair and starting from the sections closest to the nape of the neck. Yes, it is very time consuming, but the results are worth it.

Ponytail lisa

Ponytail lisa in the Fashion Weeks.

The ponytail lisa has taken over the catwalks and the beauty looks of celebrities as the sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Is the hairstyle that for several seasons we see everywhere and the summer will not be the exception, because he paints as the perfect choice to keep you cool and look very elegant. It has the goodness of styling the factions and provide a lot of light to your face.

How to make horse tail smooth?

The ponytail lisa goes well in long hair or if you have a bob medium and to make it you will only have to divide your hair with a stripe in the middle and prepare your mane for the moment before the pigtail. This you can do this with the help of mousse or hair gel, placating all the little hairs that are out of place, after that only you’ll need to tie the ponytail and you’ll be ready.

Chongo high (very high)

Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa and Hailey Baldwin with a twist high.

The chongo highin the style of Kim Kardashian at the beginning of the last decade, is back. What we saw, especially in awards season, from the hand of Hailey Baldwin, Dua Lipa, or Margot Robbie those who, unlike the more popular of the family Kardashian, did not lead completely smooth, rather left a bangs long and they decorated the sides of his face, by updating this hairstyle is more than ready for the summer of 2020.

How to make a twist top?

To make the chongo high it is advisable to to have long hair. First make a ponytail, as high as you can and tie with a rubber band (try not to adjust too much to prevent that, after you head hurt). After you wrap your hair in a chongocarefully, and hold the result with the help of a small pin.

Picked up with the comb

Collected with combs on the catwalk spring/summer 2020 from Tory Burch.

Do you prefer hair loose? Then it will be better to just add an accessory to pick up any of your locks. In their season spring/summer 2020the u.s. firm, Tory Burch, proposes the return of the combs, that accessory your grandmother loved you and now you can carry but in a more minimalist that, by adding it to your beauty lookit will make you look put-together but with very little effort.

How to make a hair with comb?

Away hair in the front area of your mane and break it down in a line side. Taking that section that is divided and bring it back, hold the section of hair with the help of the comb and that is all that you will need to do to realize this hairstyle.