The new sister-in-law of Alejandro Fernandez is a rear guard so impressive, compare it to Kim Kardashian


Mariana González is a girlfriend of Vicente Fernández Jr.

Recently, the singer Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Mariana González confirmed their relationship, what has caused the night to the morning she will become the focus of media attention for its beauty.

Mariana has 37 years (19 years younger than Vincent), she is divorced and with two children. Has his own clothing line, which she modeled; in your account Instagram, you can see the girl wearing slinky outfits that highlighted her curves.

After seeing the photos that have been published, some in the media have referred to Mariana González as “the Kim Kardashian mexican”. And before the controversy, she has written in Instagram: “Every one who sees the World ? according to,,, the dirt of your soul ?”.

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