This has been the reunion virtual of The Avengers: “The show must go on” | Currently


The show must go on”says Mark Ruffalo on the other side of a video call, a reference to the legendary song of Queen. “You must follow, and The Avengers must also move forward.” Next to him, on the screen of the computer, are also Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner, all confined in their homes. So much talent together that we are afraid that the virtual meeting is cut.

We are stronger when we are united, so we will leave this“added Hemsworth. All attended the event, and even the brothers Joe and Anthony Russodirectors Infinity War and Endgame lost this nostalgic meeting, in which the cast spoke of how he is living the confinement, we sent strength to all to overcome the stress of imprisonment, and, ultimately, a debate on some trivial questions relating to the fiction.

This meeting was framed in os Nickeloden Kids Choice Awardssome annual awards that are valued by the best of film, television and music, and whose winners are chosen by children that are subscribed to the channel Nickelodeon.

The distribution of The Avengers decided to give the surprise and to attend the virtual meeting, which was held during the afternoon of the Sunday.

The Avengers: Endgame had been chosen by the young voters as the best film of the year, and in his acceptance speech Jeremy Renner it is dedicated “to all the children who supported to a few characters to join and become what we now need most: to be strong and to be united”.

The event culminated with the I Love You 3000 Downey Jr., that tribute was paid to the dramatic end of The Avengers, and a “stand with strength, be strong”, which served as the culmination to a fun encounter.