What Henry Cavill will be the new Wolverine?


There is No doubt that Henry Cavill it is one of the favorite actors for the distributor to interpret the best superheroes that have marked history in the world of comics. First, of course, they met using the layer of Superman, where he worked with the team on the DC Comic books, like other celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller. On the other hand, right now, Henry Cavill is working on ‘The Witcher’ with Netflixseries inspired by the books of the same name. Oh, and Henry Cavill will be Sherlock Holmes in the new movie ‘Enola Holmes’ next to Millie Bobbie Brown! What now? Well, there’s a rumor… that Henry Cavill could be the next Wolverine!

For many (many) years, Hugh Jackman he was the only actor who had played this character to the saga Men X. It was one of the actors most dear by that, until we finally came to an end with the (great) movie ‘Logan’, which completely amazed the audience and critics. Hugh Jackman we said good-bye to this character, but it seems that Marvel does not rule out making more deliveries.

The rumor says that Wolverine appears in the new movie ‘Captain Marvel 2’, with Brie Larson as the main character. According to the sources (not confirmed), now that Disney it has all of the FOX, are looking for a way of bringing back the Men Xand love the idea of the iconic character of Wolverine is interpretad by Henry Cavill.