What Jennifer Lopez taught her to dance to Shakira?


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Shakira yJennifer Lopez

The interesting news this Monday, start with the video of Jennifer Lopez who is becoming viral, that shows how he became a teacher of Shakira.

Also, the big party organized by Maribel Guardia in his house in the middle of the encierro, the affair of Alicia Machado to the beach, the kiss on the mouth of Zepeda and Aracely Arámbula and photos that can prove that Levy and his wife are not good, they are news.

Stay with us and keep up to date on these and other news from the world of entertainment:

1. Jennifer Lopez taught Shakira to move better

A couple of months ago Shakira and Jennifer Lopez made history by playing one of the best shows of half time of the Super Bowl, and in the middle of the confinement of the quarantine, has just come to light a video that became viral, that shows the Diva of The Bronx, teaching the colombian to move the tarsero.

The clip, which let see the good relationship and chemistry that was between both artists, shown as J. Lo, assuming the role of teacher, teaches you his best advice to his pupil, who tries to imitate it without getting to the level of Jennifer at that time.

Without a doubt, the tips and the classes of breast Jennifer served as in the show last February, the wife of Pique exceeded even in their movements to the teacher.

2. Maribel Guardia celebrates the birthday of his son and his grandson in the running of the bulls

Maribel Guardia is one of the famous more example has been given on how to have a good time in the quarantine of the coronaviruses, and this time, the ex-wife of singer Joan Sebastian, organized a big party with family in their home, to celebrate the birthday number 25, his son Julian and the birthday number 3 of your nietecito.

Obviously, at the party there were guests from abroad, because the only ones that could form part of the convivio were the family members that Maribel is passing the quarantine, and she showed photos and videos of how well that went.

“There are No coincidences, God blessed me twice this day, Congratulations son, I am very proud of the man that you’re building, I love to see how you have matured and when I look in to your soul seduces me your light, thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know my grandson,” said the former King died King of the Jaripe in your Instagra.”Long life to the two, full of health, love, abundance and knowledge, God fill you with light ????❤️??I love you… to be Held in the #family . celebrating the #birthday of @julian_f.f and @josejulianfg #quedateencasa”.

3. The kiss in the mouth of David Zepeda and Aracely Arámbula outside of the set

Aracely Arámbula and David Zepeda were in a special Telemundo recorded before the pandemic coronavirus with multiple actors of The Doñá 2, and there, neither short nor lazy, the gentleman he planted a kiss on the mouth to his comrade. Immediately rang the alarms of possible romance.

This was evidenced not only in camera but in a photograph of the kiss that immediately turned into evidence “at least of appearance,” that there is chemistry between them and that is rolling on the internet.

During the long conversation that the actors had with Jackie Bracamontes, there were also moments in which there was a certain complicity and even coquetry subtle of part and part.

“And suddenly I see that mermaid beautiful, with that cinturira…”, remarked the gentleman referring to Aracely, while Carlos Ponce, who was also in the same interview, he also made a face of “love”.

4. Growing rumors of separation, William Levy and his wife

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez were for a long time one of the most beloved couples in the world of entertainment, and although it lately seemed to be wearing very well their relationship, after several crises, and pauses between them, once again, re-grow the rumors of a possible new separation.

This has been understood by many fans of the couple, who are surprised to see that since 8 months the mother of the sons of the cuban does not put even a single picture or a comment that links to the actor.

And precisely, as just throwing more wood to the fire, this weekend, Elizabeth hung it on his Instagram a cute video next to his dear children, Christopher and Kailey, frolicking in the bed, but Levy did not appear neither in the curves.

“Love of my life”, was the comment with which the actress accompanied the picture charming.

5. Alicia Machado escaped to the beach in the quarantine

In the middle of the confinement of the quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Alicia Machado was given a getaway to the beach this weekend, but instead of criticism, with have received thousands of people bad covers that have not respected the rules of social distancing, she received compliments.

The former Miss Universe hung on his Instagram a video in which he is seen walking on the shore of beautiful Miami beaches, completely empty. The venezuelan was restricted to take in the air a few minutes, staying away from other people and without even putting your feet on the sand and much less into the water.

Such was his sense of responsibility with health guidelines, which in a moment notice when a man seems to walk faster and she chooses to step up the pace to avoid social contact.

The only criticism that I did some Alicia was that he walked without the use of face mask, but his defenders said that at that time it was not necessary because I was not holding talks if approaches with no one.