When Serena Williams was on the Oprah Winfrey show: I am Not Venus!


Serena Williams and Venus Williams were on a steady path to the glory of tennis to the beginning of the decade of 2000. Little by little it became evident that there was little or no competition to prevent these women soared incredible heights.

Venus was still the most dominant at that time. Until 2002, even led the record-breaking head-to-head against Serena Williams. Things are going to change in the years to come, as Serena was to become the star more dominant in women’s tennis.

However, Venus Williams has always been an inspiration to her younger sister. She also achieved success before Serena. In an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show in the year 2001, Serena confessed that she adored her sister Venus.

What did Serena Williams over Venus Williams? There is always an element of worship of heroes inherent to the relationships between brothers and sisters. Although hate to admit it, almost always are inclined to copy the gestures of your brother or sister.

The same applies to Serena, who copied each and every one of the aspects of Venus. In fact, she talked, behaved and dressed as Venus. She would go so far as to say that she was just a smaller version of Venus Williams.

Serena said that it was only two years prior to that when in reality began to develop an identity independent of Venus. That was a big compliment from him then 21 years of age. It is not difficult to believe, since Venus Williams was actually a superstar in those times.

The next few years would see Serena win a lot more success. However, his tremendous respect for his beloved sister never faded. The two also accumulate many wins playing together in the category of doubles.

This would be just one of his many interviews of success. We entertained by the amazing pair of Serena Williams and Venus Williams until the day of today.