50 Cent reacts to the mural of him as 6ix9ine


50 Cent is not happy with his last mural.

After being portrayed as Donald Trump, Taylor Swift and Post Malone, has appeared a new mural of graffiti and mogul of the rap, this time representing it as 6ix9ine. The mural, which was illustrated by artist australian Lushsux, sample 50 with the characteristic hair and teeth rainbow of Tekashi, in addition to tattoos in the face.

But 50 was not here for that. He shared a photo of the work of art with its 25 million followers, and has threatened to take revenge on the artist. “I’m sick of this shit, he thinks I can not find your back in Australia. I have a knot on your fucking head, “ he said.

However, that did not prevent him from also sharing a video time lapse of the mural that is being painted. “Look at this shit head, Talented nut case,” added 50.

Lushsux, whose biography of Instagram describes itself as the “account number one of 50 cents on the Internet”, has been trolleando 50 with other murals that show him as the vice-chairman Mike Pence, chairman Mao Zedong and Taylor Swift or ‘ Swifty Cent”. “Did you smash or pass?” asked the latter.

At first, 50 was flattered, but questioned the reason. “Okay, it’s talented, but why the fuck I chose,” she asked, while she called him “fucking crazy” in another publication.

The famous troll has apparently found his rival. “Here is the face I imagine that Fiddy does every morning when he sees that I’ve made another wall”, Lushsux subtituló a photo of the mural 6ix9ine.

50 has distanced itself from Tekashi from which it mocked its high-profile case. “He is the son of your mother now. He said to all, “ he told fans during a live broadcast recently. However, he said that he would prefer to have Tekashi as a son than his own son, Marquise Jackson. However, it is better than Marquise. Take it before taking my current [son],” He laughed. “Fuck that ni ** a”.

See more of the murals of the 50 memes below.