Anna Kendrick hates being tickled and that’s why he cut off his ex


If we see the Twitter profile of Anna Kendrick, we will give an account of their open opinions and his flamboyant personality on and off the screen, so never think that Anna is one of those people who hate confrontation. So much so that it has had to work in the way that he deals with it.

“In the shower, what I do is return to the topic and say the things that I would like to have said.”

For Anna Kendrick, interpreting Scholarship Pitch Perfect it is nothing more than a little to feel a bit more complete, since that Scholarship is a character very wise and conscious of itself. This is curious, since we could say the same thing about Kendrick, however, in a magazine with the magazine ELLE said that it was not very good with confrontation.

I am too docile, or exploded and I get very emotional. Then I feel like an idiot, because he should have remained calm.

Even so, Anna knows how to defend himself and to communicate what you don’t like, since they cut off your ex for a reason for which any other person would say that Anna is crazy: not respected their limits.

I went out with a guy. To game mode made me tickle, and I said, ‘I Know that it is cute and the people doing it, but in truth I do not like that make me tickle. It makes Me feel trapped and paniqueada. I know that is stupid and funny to most people, but I really hate it, so could you please not?’. He thought it was silly that I had a problem with the tickling and did it anyway.

I broke up with him. And I knew that when he told this anecdote, I would be as crazy. You never want to be labeled as ‘girl crazy’. I thought that he would say to his friends, ‘Oh, she finished with me because I made him tickle, what psycho.’ But I only had to say ‘No’. I ended up with you because I told you something was important to me and not what respetaste.

Mmmmmyaaaas gurl!

Anna also shared how in the last few years has made clear that communication of emotions is crucial.

I used to not talk about my feelings because I thought: ‘Those are not facts. Can’t I start a discussion based on my feelings.’ Then I realized that no one can tell me how to feel something. Just because you think you should not bother with something, does not mean that it does not bother me. If my feelings matter to you, then this is what needs to change.

This is how Anna Kendrick reminds us that our feelings are valid and we should not avengorzarnos by defending ourselves and set boundaries.