At times simple, the artists believe that the disks will not pass away from fashion


The records never go from fashion. That is the conclusion of artists, producers, and executives consulted on whether the albums are a product out of date in these times, in which the tendency is to get simple after simple to feed the algorithms of platforms such as Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

“The album is the work of the artist and what we continue to support that’s why, even though this is a business of song”, considered Jesus Lopez, CEO of Universal Music Latin America and Iberian Peninsula, for whom that has been the reality of all the record industry even in the times of the vinyl.

“You knew that when you remove a disk would have four or five songs that would be success. Not expected to be all over the disk. So even now, when there are countries that no longer takes a physical disk, we continue editing the digital, because it is important for the artist“explained the executive director.

So much so that some classify of “sleep”, as is the case of the singer Prince Royce, who made his most recent production “Alter Ego” as a double album, thinking of those fans that you see in that effort a “collection object”.

“One grew up watching their idols release albums and that is the goal,” said the american artist of dominican parents, who noted that, after 10 years of career, still puts all their effort in completing each album, especially their most recent production: “I put a lot of attention to the art, the design precisely for this reason, thinking about creating something you want to save”.

In the midst of the presentation of “In your plans”, their sixth studio album, the Spanish singer David Bisbal also rejected the idea that the disks have gone out of fashion: “Can the technology so we want to do see, as in cars because there is no where to listen to a CD, but it is not so,” he said.

To the interpreter, “If you want”, an album goes beyond the format in which you presentbecause “is a collection of songs that is created in conjunction within a thread artistic” and cited popular media today such as the vinyl, the CD, or “streaming”.

Until the reggaeton love discs

For the singer-songwriter, urban colombian Feid, “a song is like a box and a disk is as expose the work in a gallery. The two things are valid, but for an artist it is a great satisfaction to be able to convey your artistic vision complete.”

“In addition, not all the songs on an album are going to paste, we all know this, but yes, there are many fans who listen to complete and that’s why there are topics that no one has promoted and work alone”, he said.

His colleague panamanian Sech acknowledged, in that sense also, they have a disk for a new artist is the signal that “we are achieving.”

“Nothing gives you as an artist the satisfaction of having your disc in your hands”, he remarked.

A similar position-you have the rest of the urban artists, J Balvin, Maluma, Natti Natasha, Becky G, Mau and Ricky and many more. All agree that in discs there is a lot more than songs made for the radio or to be taken into account by the algorithms developers of the platforms of “streaming”.

“So it’s not all songs of an artist enter a disc”, considered J Balvin.

(Fofocaptura Universalmusica)

For him, the albums, such as their recent “Colors”, gives an artist the possibility of using all possible tools to connect with your audience.

Lopez also believes, noting that the record companies, starting with Universal, are supporting discs that “most” are accompanied by a forceful proposal visual, as is the case with the work of Balvin, in which “all the subjects came up with videos to very elaborate”.

The public is still asking

Although the “streaming send” in the music business, with millions of reproductions versus thousands of sales or downloads, what is also true is that the sales of physical disks still have their public, driven mainly by nostalgia.

While Nielsen reported a fall in sales on a 15.10% in the first half of 2019, the company Discogs, which includes the sale of disks used, recorded an increase of 9.14 percent.

The format that had better performance was the vinyl, which increased by 3.03%, compared with 2018, according to the signature.

In fact, according to the Association of the Recording Industry of America (RIAA, in English), the album most sold Latin the past year was “Life”, of Luis Fonsi.