Attention! Leaked an old photograph of Shakira that left us without words it doesn’t seem it!


Shakira has been laid bare in front of thousands of people What a horror!

The colombian singer Shakira is one of the women who has managed to stay in the arena for public with the passing of years since their greatest hits music back without stopping in the major stations and television media.

So before you raised, all that the artist does or fails to do is notice therefore, in this occasion we will talk about a photograph that we have gotten on the internet, the same has left us speechless and without words.

In the image in question, we can see the singer Shakira wearing a beautiful flowing hair black it doesn’t seem it! Let us remember that at present the colombian tends to wear a blonde hair,very clear.

In addition to the above, the barranquilla looks very young, since we can notice that their cheeks are very smooth and firm, equally has with a face angelic he Looks like 20!

What is certain is that as well lucy the beautiful Shakira at the start of his career and one of the features of that time of which we highlight: black hair, daily attire of black, with a style that is very youthful and controversial How it has changed!