Cardi B responds to a follower that the issue for their donations


Composer american, Cardi Bhas been in trend these days, after she announced that, together with the line Fashion Nova, will be making a few donations to several people, anonymous social networking.

At that time, the singer indicates that the clothing brand distributed a million dollars among those who will participate, what correspondera a thousand dollars for each individual.

In that sense, the interpreter Money, stated that they have already handed over the amount of 500 thousand dollars, and invites those who have not applied, that is join to the request.

Through its account of Instagram, public a video in which he asked for suggestions for distributing the money, if you do it 50 0 100 winners at the same time.

Immediately, we dropped thousands of comments to the wife of Offsetseveral applying for the award, and must be one of the lucky ones.

However, not all were as Cardi I waited, as there was a surfer who question the methodology that uses the star to make the donacin: She just is trying to make new yorkers and pages of fans. Which is quite limited and those are not all of your fan base or followers.

What the born in New York replied: Ummm. I’m asking for suggestions, by doing hincapi the caption that I wrote previously in the publication. The comment the american had ms 1.5 likes.