Demi Lovato gives us a lesson in how to do a photo shoot alone in full quarantine (and looking SUPER hot)


Did you think that make you a photo session in your house was impossible? Demi Lovato we show that with good light, a light filter of fantasy, the camera of your phone, and even a little help from your friends you can do MAGIC. And she, in some of the photos in your account Instagram as demonstrated in his perfection, and even there’s even a video to complement the whole photo session. Demi Lovato is THE QUEEN.

In addition, the first thing we have to mention, is that the session of photos of Demi Lovato are in a bathing suit, and looks RADIANT.

In the description, Demi Lovato it tells us that you just discover the magic of “timer”; in the first picture we see taken a photography style selfie, and in the second doing a pose incredible, with both hands raised and a bathing suit that urges us to use in our future vacation (when it is possible to get out, of course).

It was also a great opportunity for Demi Lovato to show off some shopping online, like those goggles that look fantastic with the filter iridescent used. Although the photos do not involve poses very experimental or dana contemporary, is a session of photos where she looks radiant. And we love it!