documentaries on Netflix that you should watch


Discover the life of your music idols it is something that you are passionate about, see what there is behind the character that you get to leave boquiabiertas millions of people on the stage, how is it in your day-to-day, learn about their concerns and (how not) also his struggle to get to that privileged position. The social networks we have helped to go to solving some of these mysteries, but there’s nothing like knowing this information closely, without retouching or excesses. And there is where the documentary. Through them, the fans to discover the lives of those you idolize, the moments that have left their mark on them as well as the people that surround them, hence, this type of projects every time are more common and have with the great successes of the hearings.

Now that the time is not a problem, immerse yourself in them may be the best solution. The offer of this type of content is very wide but there are two that we’ve just listed as mandatory in these delicate moments. Two documentaries on authentic wild beasts music that will leave you without words and you will thrill in equal parts, are the starring Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. And yes, both are in Netflix.

Gaga: Five foot two

The documentary on the acclaimed american artist, is a delight for any music lover. Premiered in 2017, under the direction of Chris Moukarbel, features Gaga as it is, offering a look into the life private of the singer. In it, the iconic singer speaks out on her health problems, she shares details of the recording of his album Joanne, as well as the decisive moments of the performance that marked their career, the Super Bowl 2016.

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Miss American

Fame is a double-edged sword, no doubt. An aspect that in this documentary starring Taylor Swift appears very well reflected. Miss American displays the next most revealing, emotive and authentic artist in a period of great transformations in your life. In it we can observe as the superstar world learning and managing the major changes that happen unexpectedly, not only as a songwriter and singer, but also as a woman.

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