Famous terraplanistas: Gaston Pauls and other stars who don’t believe that the planet is round


Famous terraplanistas: Gaston Pauls and other stars who don't believe that the planet is round

For Gastón Pauls, the earth is flat

In social networks, viralizó a minidocumental called “Pythagoras”, but not for its content but because in the film where he discusses the terraplanismo, a current that believes that the Earth is flat, appears ¡Gaston Pauls!

Yes, the former “Roller Coaster”, criticized for going out with a girl just of age, was also born out of the irony tuitera due to the opinions that poured into the film, where it strongly advocates the idea of a planet wineglass.

“I go in to putting on the terraplanismo four years ago more or less. I always gave the example of Galileo Galilei as a person who was against the power, against what was presumably the truth. For me it was a poignant example, go against what is installed. Until one day I said, ‘pará, and what if the thing is upside down?’”, ensures the actor.

“I started to see the two theories, I came up to the greeks. And I listened to those who said the Earth revolved around the Sun, and those who said that it was the Sun that rotated around the Earth. I find it very interesting. No one knows what the truth is. I went not out of the Earth to see if it is round. I do not I was met with a wall of ice still. What I do know is that I fed the doubt. And doubt is absolutely welcome,” says Gaston.

And it gets spicy: “I see Obama taken out, and I say ‘why do you start so nervous?’. If you start so nervous is because there is something there’,” says, crediting the theory of a conspiracy to cover up the truth.

“I get lost in the explanations about the world spherical, and also I get lost in the theory terraplanista. I do believe that there are certain things which seem to me absolutely logical, as, for example, why the plane is not going down the tube when it lands or the mechanics of fluids. Does the theory of gravity? Come on, Nikola Tesla, you explained another thing. We bought an official history. We do not know to read the clouds, which have a shape… something to be,” he insists Pauls, and you are not alone: there is a whole thriving community of celebrities who defends the theory terraplanista.

The most well-known in Argentina are, of course, Iorio and Alfio “Coco” Basile. The leader of Almafuerte, always controversial, is recognized terraplanista for years; from “Coco” it was learned this year, when viralizó a video where “bancaba to death,” the la plata basin Iru Landucci, one of the top defenders argentines about the flat shape of the Earth.

“I support him totally, he always thought and now more than ever I am convinced by it,” he says in the video that was circulated a few months ago, the DT that went around the world with the selection of argentina.


But where the theory gains traction is in the land of the conspiracy theories, the united States: there, for example, Shaquille O’neal, biggest star of the basketball, you don’t think that the Earth is round like a ball.

“I drive from coast to coast, and the Land is flat for me. I drive from Florida to California all the time and the road is flat for me. I’m not going up or down at an angle of 360 degrees,” said Shaq. Then, when you put together the stir, said that it was all a joke, as also did other basketball players who supported the movement, as Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green.

In the land of the north to defend the theory, also, others who went around the world, these two on tour: the singer of Blink 182, Tom DeLonge (interestingly, he left the band in 2015 to focus on his research on Ufos, that would seem to have some contradictions with the idea of a flat earth…) and rapper B. o.B., that came to ask for funds through crowdfunding to launch satellites into space and demonstrate that the Earth is a plate. “I didn’t want to believe it”, released who had a passionate controversy with the astrophysicist in the media Neil deGrasse Tyson. Also Tila Tequila believes in the flat earth, but, of course, this latter also wrote an article about why I felt empathy for Hitler…

And also the most young people have their reference terraplanista: the international star Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven of “Stranger Things,” he replied when asked about the topic that “there is reason to believe that it is flat. I have to think about, but I think that I am terraplanista”.

What is the purpose of this alleged conspiracy? Why would I want NASA to make the world believe that the Earth is round? What are skeptics or are for the couch? Who wants to discuss, to talk with Gaston Pauls.