Greta Thunberg donates $ 100,000 to help the kids affected by the coronavirus –


The activist Swedish, which was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, stated that “the pandemic is a crisis of the rights of children” and gives an example of solidarity.

Is still making history. The 17-year-old is famous for mobilizing millions of people to combat climate change, will donated to UNICEF, one hundred thousand dollars that he was awarded along with the prize Human Act Award.

In addition, Greta and the Danish NGO Human Act –who donated another hundred thousand dollars–, launched a fund drive dubbed “let’s Move to the site by children in the fight against the coronavirus,” which seeks to support the work of UNICEF to protect children from the impact of the pandemic, both in its direct consequences, as in the side. To name a few, the scarcity of food, the saturation of the systems of health care, violence, and the time of education lost.

About Thunberg, who was isolated in his house by presenting the symptoms of the coronavirus, said: “as the climate crisis, the pandemic is a crisis of the rights of children. It will affect all children, now and in the long term, but vulnerable groups will be those who suffer most. I ask you all to take a step forward and join me in the defense of the crucial efforts of UNICEF to save the lives of children, protect your health and facilitate to continue your education.”

The fundraising campaign will go directly to UNICEF’s emergency programmes to fight against the COVID-19. In particular, for the supply of soap, masks, gloves, hygiene kits, protective equipment, vital information and other support for the systems of health care.