High School Musical, the series: an original mockumentary


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Although anyone may think that the inspiration of High School Musical: The Musical: The series (the name more difficult to remember in the history of Disney) is located in the famous film of 2006 starring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, what is certain is that it is not so. That film is not more than the setting of this new project, whose first season it has been premiered in Spain with the arrival of Disney+ and that has a format of mockumentary, that is to say, the appearance of a false documentary. The characters speak to the camera and have a little “confessionals” in which we can know something more about their characters. Although many have pointed out Glee as the starting point for the creation of this concept, in fact it is an unexpected fiction that gave the idea to the creator of this new musical success. Don’t miss out the video to know something more about the production and its adorable protagonists, with whom we have spoken in a press conference on telematics. I give the play!