¡Insólito! Ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande broke the silence


The ex-boyfriend of Ariana Grande, Pete, Michael Davidson, is not used to provide statements concerning your private life, for him the press, you should only be used if his career is about. Despite this, in this opportunity; the comedian Saturday Night Live, told a little about his relationship with the famous singer, and it lasted that resulted in the separation for us.

During an interview, the actor was very transparent with regard to the rupture with the interpreter of “7 rings”, who by this time was struggling with a sad bereavement. As your former spouse, Mac Miller, had died, and Ariana, was still shocked by this fact. It is worth noting that Miller died after an accidental overdose of drugs, or that is the information that transcended in the media.

Ariana Grande and her broken heart

In respect of the loss, Davidson said “It was horrible and I can’t imagine the shit what that is. All I know is that she really loved him and that was not doing a show or anything. It was fucked up. My prayers with his family and all his friends,” said the comedian. Apparently, the protagonist of Saturday Night Live he was always conscious of the feelings of your former spouse.

In terms of the chronology of the facts, must be taken into account that the rapper, Malcolm James McCormick, better known as Mac Miller, passed away September 7, 2018; four months after that Pete Davidson and Big announced that they were committed to do This is very little time to forget her deceased ex? Or was preparing for a resounding change in your life?

The singer Ariana Grande split from the rapper Mac Miller in may of 2018, after living a year and a half in a contentious relationship that spanned the issues of him with his addictions. More the psychological trauma that generated in her the savage attack on a show he gave in Manchester that left 23 dead on the 22nd of may 2017. Perhaps, love wasn’t enough and Miller will only bring more problems to Grade.