It’s a beauty! Kourtney Kardashian displays with a sexy dress emerald


The largest of the Kardashians arrived at the age of 41 but remains divine without traces of the years piggybacking.

Kourtney Kardashian it is the largest of the clan, which has dominated the world of realitys. This April 18, came to the floor forty-one, but it really is impossible to see in what part of your body the hides.

A small waist, a flat abdomen (after three kids) and hips realistic and in accordance to their body, give a good account of what appetizing that is still and will remain the greatest of the clan.

In one of his last publications in the social network Instagram, posing with a green dress emerald delicate and imposing, as that would use a miss in a beauty pageant.

Posing on a piano black tail, there lay the instrument as if expecting to be by her, and adorns the photography and the composition of the snapshot.

Each of the Kardashian and the Jennerhave something that distinguishes them and that makes them unique, but also an unstoppable force at the time of generating the rage in the world of fashion, in the social networks and in the company each one represents.